I’ve just finished my latest medical play story and sent it to my publisher on Sunday. I hope for it to be out before Christmas (fingers crossed). In the meantime, I’d love to share a small extract here.

After being caught burgling a government official’s home, Maria has been sentenced to a day at one of the newly formed punishment clinics in New York, brought about to deal with a high influx of criminals. It’s set slightly into the future, but not too far from now. It contains spanking, enemas, anal play, rectal temp taking, sex, anal sex and more. Medical play is fast becoming my favourite genre to write, and I love this storyline and the characters.

Hope you enjoy the following short snippet:-

“Stand in the centre of the room there,” Dr Carter said, pointing to a spot just in front of the hard-topped examination table. “Hands on your head. Legs spread wide.”

“I don’t understand why I have to stand in such a…” Maria shrieked as Dr Carter grasped her wrist and dragged her across the room. Pulling a straight backed chair away from the wall, he sat down and hauled her over his lap. “Remember what I said, young lady, I won’t give you the same instruction twice. Disobey me and there will be consequences. The sooner you learn that, the quicker we’ll get through this process.”

Maria’s eyes widened as his hand cracked down on her left buttock. He continued to pound his solid palm against the same spot numerous times, until it burned. “No more, stop, please, I can’t stand it,” she yelled, as he moved to the other cheek and gave it the same treatment.

“I’ll stop when you’re ready to do as you’re told,” he said, slapping her buttocks randomly. His sharp swats were hurting and she kicked her legs, reaching her hand back. “No,” he scolded, grasping her wrist and holding it against the small of her back as he turned his attention to her sit spots.

Maria howled in pain, squirming as his hand went lower and burned her upper thighs. Hauling her further forward, he landed sharp slaps on her thighs, moving gradually lower. Tears dripped from Maria’s eyes and she yelled out. “No, stop, I’ll be good, I swear. I’ll do anything you say, just please stop.”

Her spanking stopped immediately and Dr Carter released his grip. Easing herself up, Maria turned away and swiped at the tears that streaked her cheeks. She was angry and embarrassed that she had allowed him to reduce her to tears.

“It’s okay to cry,” he said, turning her to face him and using his thumbs to brush away her tears. “I expect you’ll do a lot more crying before the day is over.” Maria frowned, hoping he was wrong.

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