Another busy weekend, where I’ve yet again failed to do any writing, but sometimes it’s good to have a break and do the things we enjoy (though I have to admit writing is one of the things I enjoy most, and I wish I could fit more in).

I spent Friday night at a local Mexican restaurant with good friends Jo and Sarah, and amazingly we were all sober!!!

Also packed into my weekend was making sure I had all the items for goodie bags and getting everything organised and sorted into boxes and bags. I’ve set myself the rather mammoth task of decorating 144 goodie bags for the upcoming Weight Watchers ball I’ve been helping to organise, and I’m pleased to say I’ve at least made a start on them. I’ll have to get cracking cos me and my fellow WW clerks are going to be filling them with goodies in eleven days time. I will try to look on this as an enjoyable task rather than something that’s stopping me writing – and to be honest, I did enjoy cutting out snowflakes yesterday to go on the bags.

But the highlight of my weekend definitely has to be Saturday night, when I went to Middlesbrough Little Theatre with my sisters and nieces to see The Rocky Horror Show. It was the sing a long version, where the film is shown and lots of interactive stuff goes on (I especially liked yelling ‘slut’ and ‘arsehole’ when Janet and Brad’s names were mentioned, and booing the no-necked narrator). I really enjoyed myself and wonder who I’ll go as next time. I’m no Rocky Horror virgin, having been several times in the past, but this was the first time I’d cross-dressed, going as Eddie. Okay, it’s normally the men who cross-dress and go as Frank, but me and my niece (who went as RifRaf) decided to mix things up a bit. Great fun was had by all.

Oh, and I also managed to sort out my Twitter account (though still don’t really know what I’m doing), and finally signed up on Blushing Books Author Group (you can stop nagging me now, Darcie Rian).

I hope you had a good, fun-packed weekend too.

Carole x


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