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Well I’ve got another busy weekend where it’s unlikely I’ll get any writing done. I’ve been spending a lot of time recently putting together items for the goodie bags for a Weight Watchers ball I’m helping to organise, which is in a couple of weeks’ time. I’ll be getting on with those on Friday night, and I’m going Christmas shopping on Saturday and Sunday, to Leeds and the Newcastle MetroCentre.

It was my intention to share an extract from Melissa and the Medic involving her neighbour, Mr Wilkinson, but as I was searching through for a suitable bit to use, I found this following extract which I have decided to share instead. Melissa is helping Jason, pretending to be a patient, and putting up mock resistance when he tries to take her temperature – rectally, of course. I hope you enjoy this extract as much as I did:-

Melissa & the Medic


“No, I don’t want you to take my temperature like this. I’m a big girl, not a baby.” Melissa shrieked as his hand smacked down on the center of her behind.

“If you want me to treat you like a big girl, you might try acting like one, instead of a naughty little girl in need of a sound spanking on her bare bottom.”  Melissa’s heart raced as Jason landed hearty swats on her behind. Her squirming was very real as his hand rapidly heated her seat, but her pussy rubbed against his thigh, building up heat in a different place.

“I’ll be good,” she said, panting breathlessly. Jason immediately stopped spanking and his finger thrust into her behind. She literally humped his lap as he added a second finger and lubricated her thoroughly, and she whimpered in dismay when his fingers slipped out. The thermometer quickly took their place and she gyrated against him as he held the rod between thumb and forefinger, pressing it into her whilst applying gentle pressure to her lower back with his other hand. When the thermometer was removed, she was disappointed to be released.


If you would like to read more, Melissa and the Medic is available at the following online stores:-

Blushing Books

And if you enjoy Melissa and the Medic, you might also enjoy Melissa’s Punishment Examination. Melissa and the Medic follows on from that one, but they can both be read as stand alone stories.

Don’t forget to head over to the Saturday Spankings blog to see what other tantalising teasers authors are offering this week.

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Have a Happy Halloween.

Carole x


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