Well, I made a start on my Christmas shopping this weekend – though not very successfully!

I went to Leeds on Saturday with my husband, and within half an hour of arriving there he’d blown most of my weekend’s shopping budget on a new suit for the Weight Watchers ball. I guess I can’t begrudge him that as the one we bought for last year is too big now – and I got myself a new dress a few weeks ago. Only problem is I now need to find my dress. I know exactly what carrier bag it’s in, but I have absolutely no idea where I’ve put it. Oh well, I have twelve days to find it. Wish me luck!

The only other stuff I bought in Leeds was a necklace and earrings to go with my dress, and a hairclip that snapped in half when I tried to put it in! And, as there’s no Lush shop in my home town and Lush bath bombs are my favourite product ever invented, I had to buy myself a few. All nice glittery ones so hubby can complain when he gets covered in glitter ever time he uses the bathroom for a week afterwards! So no Christmas gifts bought on Saturday.

I was more optimistic on Sunday as I didn’t have hubby with me. I went to the Newcastle MetroCentre with two of my sisters. We go there two or three times a year and always come back laden down with bags. We each had one bag – and again I had no gifts. I got myself a pair of hold-up stockings and another Lush ball – well, I couldn’t walk past the shop without going in! – one sister bought a bra and the other bought her daughters some Lush balls. Not a Christmas gift in sight!

We did, however, have a very nice lunch at Frankie and Benny’s, and we finished the day with a couple of cocktails in the wonderful cocktail bar there. I had a Lemon Meringue and a Screaming Orgasm. I was so very tempted to go for the Dirty Banana followed by a Screaming Orgasm :0)

Well I have another Christmas shopping trip at the end of November in York, where hopefully I will have more success. Unfortunately hubby is going with me, and he made me very aware (by going in literally every shoe shop we passed in Leeds) that he wants a pair of brogues! Maybe Santa might be kind to him.

And despite my busy weekend, I did get a bit of writing done on Sunday morning. I had been sketching out plans for a spanking romance, but I was having trouble getting started. Instead I’ve made a start on plans for my next Melissa story, tentatively titled Melissa and Uncle Cyril. I introduced him into Melissa and the Medic and am keen to write his story.

I wish I didn’t have to work full-time. I’m keen to get on with my writing but sadly it’s 8am Monday morning and the office is calling.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Carole x


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