…but it’s been an interesting one!

On Friday night, I had a friend and her daughter round helping me put together goodie bags for the Weight Watchers ball next weekend. We had a very productive weekend and I now only need to cut out 30 more snowflakes, decorate the 30 bags and fill them, then pack the 142 bags into large bags to transport them to the hotel in. At the moment I have them in various bags and boxes, but I’ve found some great bags that will hold two tables’ worth of goodie bags each, so seven of them should hold the lot. God knows how we’re going to fit them all in the car next weekend, along with our outfits and our overnight bags!

On Saturday I spent the day shopping, getting soaking wet(!), then preparing for a fundraising party at home. It was a Partylite candle event and me and my guests had lots of fun, drawing Christmas scenes while ‘blindfolded’, playing bingo, eating, drinking, and buying candles. We raised £53 for the hospice where my niece’s young husband sadly passed away earlier this year.

My husband did his good deed for the day by returning my friend home at 10.30pm last night, though he brought her back just after midnight after multiple attempts to rouse her sleeping husband (who had left the keys inside the door, thus preventing her putting her key in the lock). She tried shouting, banging on the doors and windows, throwing stones at the bedroom window, and phoning his mobile phone and the house phone (which is by their bed), but his enthusiastic celebrations after his football team’s win earlier that day (including vast amounts of alcohol) meant he did not wake until 5am, at which time his wife was sleeping on our settee. I think he may well be in the doghouse for some days to come!!!

I was surprised this morning to find an unwelcome visitor in my living room – no, not my friend Lesley, though admittedly she was still there at this time! The unwanted pest was a wasp, which surely should not still be buzzing around happily in November!!! To be fair, it wasn’t bothering me for long as my hubby deftly swatted it with a catalogue, ridding us quickly of the striped menace. He then gave it a decent funeral, carefully wrapping it in tissue paper – before tossing it into the bin!

All my good intentions for today – finishing the goodie bags, catching up on housework, doing some writing, doing mine and hubby’s accounts for the last tax year – fell by the wayside and instead I’ve lazed around in front of the TV, not bothering to get dressed. It’s good to have a day like that now and again.

And this evening, after a lovely long soak in the bath, I decided to try on my whole outfit for the ball. My dress is floor length, and even with heels I’m in danger of tripping over, but it does look lovely. It would have been nicer to have lost a bit more weight before the ball, but it’s too late to fret about that now. I invested in some black lace top hold up stockings last week, as I’m fed up wearing tights, and I’ve amused hubby by spending part of this evening strolling around the house in just my stockings and high heels. They feel pretty secure, and I even gave them the ‘dance test’, bouncing around the living room and seeing if I could dance without falling off my heels or losing my stockings. Fingers crossed they stand the test next weekend. I’ve also got myself some new red and green costume jewellery, which sets off my outfit really well.

And although I could really do with finishing those goodie bags, I’ve admitted defeat and am getting a much needed early night. I know that this week I have to finish those bags, I need to do my Mam’s shopping, go and get my nails and eyebrows done ready for the ball, and I also have to fit full-time work around that – and I’ve volunteered for overtime, too, as if I don’t have enough on. And more importantly, I’m due to get my editing suggestions from my publishers this week for my next medical play book. Fingers crossed it’ll be out very soon. I got my cover art earlier this week and am thrilled with it.

I hope you’ve had a good weekend.

Carole x


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