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As Christmas is fast approaching, I thought I’d share an extract this week from Chloe’s Christmas Lesson (I think this has to be my most favourite of all of my covers).




Chloe and Matthew are newlyweds, but already the cracks are beginning to show in their marriage. Chloe has been spoiled all her life by her father, and although her husband threatens to put his foot down and bring her into line, he finds himself caving in to her demands too.

Will a visit from Santa finally make Chloe open her eyes to what she’s about to lose if she doesn’t grow up quickly?

This extract is taken from a point in the story where Chloe is awaiting Matthew’s return home, and she is anxiously awaiting the spanking he has promised her. She’s slightly amused when Santa (who she assumes is her husband) enters her room, but her amusement evaporates when her spanking begins:-

As soon as the first spank landed on her pale bottom, Chloe’s train of thought collapsed as she squealed and tried desperately to escape. She shrieked and kicked her legs frantically as he continued to crack his palm down hard on her bare bottom. He had a vice-like grip on her and Chloe was distressed to find she could not move one inch as his hand relentlessly smacked down on her quivering bottom cheeks.

“Please, stop,” she begged, as his gloved hand smacked from cheek to cheek, quickly building up the heat in her behind. “I’m sorry,” she yelped, as he continued to pepper sharp smacks all over her bottom. Chloe whimpered in pain, grateful when his hand finally stilled and he rubbed her bottom gently. Still certain that it was Matthew who was spanking her, she wondered when he was finally going to say something to her. She had expected a scolding at the very least, and his silence was unnerving.

Glancing over her shoulder, she was horrified to see him unfastening his thick black leather belt from around his vast waist.

I hope you enjoyed this short snippet. If you’d like to read more, you can buy Chloe’s Christmas Lesson at the following places:-

Blushing Books

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