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Welcome to another spankingly good Saturday! And for this week’s Saturday Spankings, I’d like to share another extract from Chloe’s Christmas Lesson. I loved writing this Christmas story and, although it’s too late to write one for this year, I think I might tackle another one next year, as Christmas is without doubt my most favourite time of the year.

This part of the story follows on from last week’s snippet, where spoiled newlywed Chloe has received a visit from Santa – and a long overdue spanking. At first she thought her “Santa” was her husband Matthew, but then she decided it must be her father. After Santa steps up her punishment and paddles her behind, she’s having further doubts about his identity – but she just can’t believe that it might actually be the real Father Christmas!!! Surely he doesn’t spank, does he?! Maybe I’ll clear my chimney out before Christmas, just in case 🙂




She howled as Santa quickly demonstrated the paddle’s effectiveness as he briskly spanked her already stinging bottom cheeks. Chloe suddenly realised that it didn’t matter who her “Santa” was; he was hurting her bottom and her thoughts were suddenly centred on her stinging butt cheeks. Her legs scissored frantically, but once more she realised that her frantic squirming only tired her out and did not move her bottom even one inch out of position. She briefly thought how her father had struggled to hold her still the one time he had spanked her, and she wondered how he could suddenly hold her so tightly, but her thoughts evaporated as the paddle cracked down once more, drawing a howl of pain from her.

Chloe kicked her legs and cried out loud, promising to be a good girl, as tears rolled down her cheeks. She was relieved when Santa finally stopped cracking that awful paddle down on her stinging bottom and helped her to her feet. She was embarrassed when he made her stand in front of him, but at least he’d stopped smacking her. Wiping away her tears, she glanced down at him and he smiled kindly. Chloe smiled back, confused as his smile looked a little like her father’s, but his eyes seemed totally different – they were a lot older and bright blue, whereas her father had dark brown eyes.


I hope you enjoyed this small taster. If you want to read more, maybe you might decide you deserve a little pre-Christmas treat. If so, Chloe’s Christmas Lesson is available from:-

Blushing Books

Barnes and Noble

Don’t forget to head over to Saturday Spankings to see what other delightful snippets are on offer.

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Have a good weekend.

Carole x


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