I should have posted this last weekend when I got home from the Weight Watchers ball but I was so tired, then I’ve been working all week. I’m now enjoying a well deserved week off, during which I hope to do lots of writing.

For the last couple of months, I’ve been helping my leader to arrange the Weight Watchers Winter Ball. For the last month I spent practically every spare minute cutting out snowflakes, printing labels, decorating 142 goodie bags and filling them with treats. I was up early on the Saturday morning and spent 4 hours finishing them off and packing them into bags to go in the car, and then we were off to Redworth Hall Hotel in Darlington.

We had afternoon tea and bubbly with friends, before going to put the goodie bags out on tables and helping the room decorators to cover chairs and decorate tables, then there was just enough time to book into our room and get ready for the evening.

Our bedroom was gorgeous, with a Jacuzzi bath, an enormous (and better still comfortable) bed, a raised area at the far side of the room with a two-seater sofa, small table and skylight window above. The only down side to the room was that an enormous spider was waiting to greet us (I hate spiders and hubby had to evict him), and a further two spiders turned up in our bathroom the next morning! They might have been trying to spoil my enjoyment, but they certainly didn’t succeed.

The ball was a roaring success, with good food, lots of dancing (note to self: I am too old/fat/inflexible to be getting down on the floor to do the boat dance/Oops Upside Your Head – or at least to get back up again afterwards!), and six awards were given out to members. I was shocked to receive an award myself, voted by members in our group. Our leader got to the final award and said it was for one of the clerks in our group. My husband and I looked to fellow clerk Jacqui, who reached her goal weight earlier this year. Danielle then said that this clerk was a constant support to everyone, including her husband who was also a clerk. My jaw almost hit the floor, but hubby didn’t know about my award either and looked as surprised as I was. Once the initial shock wore off, I said to him that if I’d had an inkling I was getting an award, I would have added a visit to the hairdressers into my schedule that morning. It was a good feeling, and I received a certificate, a Weight Watchers sash to wear for the rest of the night, and a goodie bag including wine, a wine glass, chocolates, a beautiful silver plaque with a quote about chasing your dreams, a candle, and some Weight Watchers goodies. I also received a beautiful bouquet of flowers for helping to organise the ball.


We met up with our friends the next morning for breakfast then three of us spent a couple of hours in the spa where we relaxed and also did a bit of swimming to try and exercise off the excesses of the night before!

Later that afternoon, hubby and I enjoyed a late lunch before returning home.

Next year’s ball is already booked. Roll on November 2016. I can hardly wait.

This weekend has been quiet, and much needed after the busy few weeks I’ve had. Now I need to get my nose to grindstone and get on with Melissa and Uncle Cyril’s story, though this may be stopped when I get the editing for my latest medical play story, which should hopefully be released very soon.

I hope you’ve had a good weekend, however you chose to spend it.

Carole x


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