Well, I might not have had as productive a week off work as I planned – only doing three hours of writing on my sequel to Melissa and the Medic, an age play/medical play story involving Dr Williams’ Uncle Cyril – but I have finished editing on my latest story, due to be released on Friday December 11.

Sentenced to the Punishment Clinic is set towards the end of this century, following a massive worldwide financial crash. Homeless Maria is an accomplished burglar, but after being caught breaking into the home of a government official, she finds herself sentenced to the punishment clinic, where all manner of humiliating punishments are carried out. I have really enjoyed writing this book, which includes an assortment of spanking, sex, anal play, rectal temp taking, enemas and more. And I think you’ll agree the cover is fantastic:-


I’ll try to share a snippet from Sentenced to the Punishment Clinic in this week’s WIP It Up Wednesdays. I have shared two extracts from it in recent weeks so if you missed those, look back through my blog and read my two most recent WIP It Up posts. Following its release, I will also share an extract through Saturday Spankings.

I hope you’ve had a good weekend. I’ve had a busy one, involving a day’s shopping in the beautiful town of York, but as I have a mountain of washing to contend with before I return to work tomorrow, I’d better make this week’s blog update a quick one. Take care.

Carole x


Saturday Spankings

The weekend’s here again, and it’s time once more for the unofficial start of the weekend – Saturday Spankings!

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve shared extracts from Chloe’s Christmas Lesson, focusing on the spankings she received from Father Christmas himself. I was intending to share something different this week, but I’ve really enjoyed reading through my one and only Christmas story again, and decided I had to post a section where Chloe’s husband Matthew has not only decided to spank his misbehaving young bride, but has taken it a step further and dressed her up as a little girl. I believe this was my first attempt at adding a touch of age play into a story, so please don’t be too harsh!


“What do you say?” he asked her, holding her hands out to her sides as his eyes wandered over her body approvingly. Chloe shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.  “What?” she asked, bewildered. He smiled and squeezed her hands encouragingly. “Daddy’s bought you a nice new present, Chloe. Aren’t you going to thank me?” he asked.

Chloe gasped, looking down at the horrible pajamas he had put her into. She looked at his face and realised he was being serious. As his grip on one of her hands tightened, she lowered her eyes. “Thank you, Daddy,” she whispered.

I hope you enjoyed this short snippet of Chloe’s Christmas Lesson. If you would like to read more, I would be really grateful if you considered purchasing it from one of the following places:-

Blushing Books

Barnes and Noble

Don’t forget to head on over to the Saturday Spankings blog to see what tasty snippets are being offered from other authors.

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Have a great weekend.

Carole x

I should have posted this last weekend when I got home from the Weight Watchers ball but I was so tired, then I’ve been working all week. I’m now enjoying a well deserved week off, during which I hope to do lots of writing.

For the last couple of months, I’ve been helping my leader to arrange the Weight Watchers Winter Ball. For the last month I spent practically every spare minute cutting out snowflakes, printing labels, decorating 142 goodie bags and filling them with treats. I was up early on the Saturday morning and spent 4 hours finishing them off and packing them into bags to go in the car, and then we were off to Redworth Hall Hotel in Darlington.

We had afternoon tea and bubbly with friends, before going to put the goodie bags out on tables and helping the room decorators to cover chairs and decorate tables, then there was just enough time to book into our room and get ready for the evening.

Our bedroom was gorgeous, with a Jacuzzi bath, an enormous (and better still comfortable) bed, a raised area at the far side of the room with a two-seater sofa, small table and skylight window above. The only down side to the room was that an enormous spider was waiting to greet us (I hate spiders and hubby had to evict him), and a further two spiders turned up in our bathroom the next morning! They might have been trying to spoil my enjoyment, but they certainly didn’t succeed.

The ball was a roaring success, with good food, lots of dancing (note to self: I am too old/fat/inflexible to be getting down on the floor to do the boat dance/Oops Upside Your Head – or at least to get back up again afterwards!), and six awards were given out to members. I was shocked to receive an award myself, voted by members in our group. Our leader got to the final award and said it was for one of the clerks in our group. My husband and I looked to fellow clerk Jacqui, who reached her goal weight earlier this year. Danielle then said that this clerk was a constant support to everyone, including her husband who was also a clerk. My jaw almost hit the floor, but hubby didn’t know about my award either and looked as surprised as I was. Once the initial shock wore off, I said to him that if I’d had an inkling I was getting an award, I would have added a visit to the hairdressers into my schedule that morning. It was a good feeling, and I received a certificate, a Weight Watchers sash to wear for the rest of the night, and a goodie bag including wine, a wine glass, chocolates, a beautiful silver plaque with a quote about chasing your dreams, a candle, and some Weight Watchers goodies. I also received a beautiful bouquet of flowers for helping to organise the ball.


We met up with our friends the next morning for breakfast then three of us spent a couple of hours in the spa where we relaxed and also did a bit of swimming to try and exercise off the excesses of the night before!

Later that afternoon, hubby and I enjoyed a late lunch before returning home.

Next year’s ball is already booked. Roll on November 2016. I can hardly wait.

This weekend has been quiet, and much needed after the busy few weeks I’ve had. Now I need to get my nose to grindstone and get on with Melissa and Uncle Cyril’s story, though this may be stopped when I get the editing for my latest medical play story, which should hopefully be released very soon.

I hope you’ve had a good weekend, however you chose to spend it.

Carole x


Saturday Spankings


Welcome to another spankingly good Saturday! And for this week’s Saturday Spankings, I’d like to share another extract from Chloe’s Christmas Lesson. I loved writing this Christmas story and, although it’s too late to write one for this year, I think I might tackle another one next year, as Christmas is without doubt my most favourite time of the year.

This part of the story follows on from last week’s snippet, where spoiled newlywed Chloe has received a visit from Santa – and a long overdue spanking. At first she thought her “Santa” was her husband Matthew, but then she decided it must be her father. After Santa steps up her punishment and paddles her behind, she’s having further doubts about his identity – but she just can’t believe that it might actually be the real Father Christmas!!! Surely he doesn’t spank, does he?! Maybe I’ll clear my chimney out before Christmas, just in case 🙂




She howled as Santa quickly demonstrated the paddle’s effectiveness as he briskly spanked her already stinging bottom cheeks. Chloe suddenly realised that it didn’t matter who her “Santa” was; he was hurting her bottom and her thoughts were suddenly centred on her stinging butt cheeks. Her legs scissored frantically, but once more she realised that her frantic squirming only tired her out and did not move her bottom even one inch out of position. She briefly thought how her father had struggled to hold her still the one time he had spanked her, and she wondered how he could suddenly hold her so tightly, but her thoughts evaporated as the paddle cracked down once more, drawing a howl of pain from her.

Chloe kicked her legs and cried out loud, promising to be a good girl, as tears rolled down her cheeks. She was relieved when Santa finally stopped cracking that awful paddle down on her stinging bottom and helped her to her feet. She was embarrassed when he made her stand in front of him, but at least he’d stopped smacking her. Wiping away her tears, she glanced down at him and he smiled kindly. Chloe smiled back, confused as his smile looked a little like her father’s, but his eyes seemed totally different – they were a lot older and bright blue, whereas her father had dark brown eyes.


I hope you enjoyed this small taster. If you want to read more, maybe you might decide you deserve a little pre-Christmas treat. If so, Chloe’s Christmas Lesson is available from:-

Blushing Books

Barnes and Noble

Don’t forget to head over to Saturday Spankings to see what other delightful snippets are on offer.

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Have a good weekend.

Carole x


Saturday Spankings


As Christmas is fast approaching, I thought I’d share an extract this week from Chloe’s Christmas Lesson (I think this has to be my most favourite of all of my covers).




Chloe and Matthew are newlyweds, but already the cracks are beginning to show in their marriage. Chloe has been spoiled all her life by her father, and although her husband threatens to put his foot down and bring her into line, he finds himself caving in to her demands too.

Will a visit from Santa finally make Chloe open her eyes to what she’s about to lose if she doesn’t grow up quickly?

This extract is taken from a point in the story where Chloe is awaiting Matthew’s return home, and she is anxiously awaiting the spanking he has promised her. She’s slightly amused when Santa (who she assumes is her husband) enters her room, but her amusement evaporates when her spanking begins:-

As soon as the first spank landed on her pale bottom, Chloe’s train of thought collapsed as she squealed and tried desperately to escape. She shrieked and kicked her legs frantically as he continued to crack his palm down hard on her bare bottom. He had a vice-like grip on her and Chloe was distressed to find she could not move one inch as his hand relentlessly smacked down on her quivering bottom cheeks.

“Please, stop,” she begged, as his gloved hand smacked from cheek to cheek, quickly building up the heat in her behind. “I’m sorry,” she yelped, as he continued to pepper sharp smacks all over her bottom. Chloe whimpered in pain, grateful when his hand finally stilled and he rubbed her bottom gently. Still certain that it was Matthew who was spanking her, she wondered when he was finally going to say something to her. She had expected a scolding at the very least, and his silence was unnerving.

Glancing over her shoulder, she was horrified to see him unfastening his thick black leather belt from around his vast waist.

I hope you enjoyed this short snippet. If you’d like to read more, you can buy Chloe’s Christmas Lesson at the following places:-

Blushing Books

Don’t forget to head over to the Saturday Spankings blog to see what’s on offer from other authors.

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Good morning, WIP It Uppers. I hope you’re having a good Wednesday.

Three weeks ago I shared a small extract from my up and coming new medical play story, set in the near future where a young burglar, Maria, is sentenced to a day at one of the newly formed punishment clinics in New York, designed to deal with repeat offenders.

I’ve been a bit busy recently making preparations for a Weight Watchers ball I’ve been helping to organise, and haven’t had time to do another WIP It Up Wednesday post. This week, with preparations almost complete for this Saturday’s ball, I’ve found time to share another section from this story. I expect to get editing suggestions in approximately a week and hopefully it might be out before Christmas.

In this snippet, Maria is struggling to cope with being naked around the doctor, his nurse and their security guard, and although she’s been spanked, received enemas and been stripped naked, she’s still struggling to bow down to the punishment team’s demands. Everything they ask of her seems to humiliate her further and the feisty young woman wonders how she will ever get through it.

“Right, young lady,” said Dr Carter, guiding Maria to the centre of the room. “Let’s see how obedient you can be. We’ll have you down on the floor, on all fours, first.”

Maria felt a flush rise to her cheeks as she reluctantly complied with his order. Lowering herself slowly onto her knees, leaning forward she placed her hands flat on the floor, her head hung low.

“Good girl. Now,” he said, patting her behind, “I want you to follow me. No, stay on your hands and knees,” he added, when she started to rise. Maria’s blush deepened as she realised his intent. “When I stop walking around and turn to face you, I want you to approach me, kiss my feet and ask me to begin your obedience training. Okay?” Grasping her hair, Dr Carter pulled her head back and gazed into her eyes. “Answer me,” he demanded, when she stared at him blankly.

“Yes,” Maria whispered, her pulse racing as she wondered how the hell she was going to comply with such demands. What he was asking her to do went a long way beyond humiliating. She wasn’t at all sure she could bring herself to crawl around the room like an animal, naked. But, she reminded herself, it was the only way she was going to get out of there.

“First lesson,” he said, brushing his thumb over her lips. “During obedience training you will address me as sir. Okay?”

Maria nodded. “Okay.” His eyebrows raised and she realised immediately what was expected of her. Taking a deep breath, she gazed up at him, willing her mouth to form the words. “Yes, sir.”

Smiling, he released her and slowly walked away, glancing over his shoulder and patting his upper thigh, as if beckoning a dog to follow.

Swallowing back the nausea that rose in her throat, Maria slowly moved her left hand and left knee forward. He smiled encouragingly and she repeated the movement with her right, quickly getting into a rhythm and trailing behind him around the room. The floor was cold and hard on her hands and knees, but she kept her eyes focused on him as she crawled along, her hips swaying.

“Jesus Christ,” Scott exclaimed, startling her. Stopping in her tracks, Maria glanced over her shoulder, wondering what she had done wrong. “Oh, don’t stop on my account.” Grinning, he rubbed his crotch. “What an amazing ass you’ve got. Sway it some more, baby.”

Embarrassment bloomed on Maria’s cheeks as she turned back to Dr Carter, who beckoned her forward with his crooked finger. Fixing her eyes on his, she headed towards him. Feeling self-conscious about Scott watching her rear end, Maria tried to restrict the swing of her hips, but his wolf whistle told her she had not succeeded. Continuing to move on her hands and knees, Maria stopped at Dr Carter’s feet. Taking a deep breath, she leaned forward and kissed the toe of his right shoe, before shifting sideways and kissing the left.

Sitting back on her heels, she looked up at him. Shocked to see a noticeable bulge in his pants, she raised her gaze to his eyes. “Please, sir, will you teach me…” Pausing, she frowned. She was unsure what she was supposed to say. “Will you…”

Dr Carter smiled. “Ask me to begin your obedience training.”

Maria lowered her gaze and took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. Squatting down in front of her, Dr Carter grasped her chin and tilted her face up towards his. “Please, sir,” she began, trembling as she spoke. “Will you begin my obedience training?”

Nodding, he stood up. “Certainly. Now, get back on all fours and we’ll begin.”


I hope you enjoyed this short extract. I’ll try to share a little more before its upcoming release.

Don’t forget to head over to the WIP It Up Wednesdays blog to see what other work in progress is being shared by other authors.

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Take care.

Carole x

…but it’s been an interesting one!

On Friday night, I had a friend and her daughter round helping me put together goodie bags for the Weight Watchers ball next weekend. We had a very productive weekend and I now only need to cut out 30 more snowflakes, decorate the 30 bags and fill them, then pack the 142 bags into large bags to transport them to the hotel in. At the moment I have them in various bags and boxes, but I’ve found some great bags that will hold two tables’ worth of goodie bags each, so seven of them should hold the lot. God knows how we’re going to fit them all in the car next weekend, along with our outfits and our overnight bags!

On Saturday I spent the day shopping, getting soaking wet(!), then preparing for a fundraising party at home. It was a Partylite candle event and me and my guests had lots of fun, drawing Christmas scenes while ‘blindfolded’, playing bingo, eating, drinking, and buying candles. We raised £53 for the hospice where my niece’s young husband sadly passed away earlier this year.

My husband did his good deed for the day by returning my friend home at 10.30pm last night, though he brought her back just after midnight after multiple attempts to rouse her sleeping husband (who had left the keys inside the door, thus preventing her putting her key in the lock). She tried shouting, banging on the doors and windows, throwing stones at the bedroom window, and phoning his mobile phone and the house phone (which is by their bed), but his enthusiastic celebrations after his football team’s win earlier that day (including vast amounts of alcohol) meant he did not wake until 5am, at which time his wife was sleeping on our settee. I think he may well be in the doghouse for some days to come!!!

I was surprised this morning to find an unwelcome visitor in my living room – no, not my friend Lesley, though admittedly she was still there at this time! The unwanted pest was a wasp, which surely should not still be buzzing around happily in November!!! To be fair, it wasn’t bothering me for long as my hubby deftly swatted it with a catalogue, ridding us quickly of the striped menace. He then gave it a decent funeral, carefully wrapping it in tissue paper – before tossing it into the bin!

All my good intentions for today – finishing the goodie bags, catching up on housework, doing some writing, doing mine and hubby’s accounts for the last tax year – fell by the wayside and instead I’ve lazed around in front of the TV, not bothering to get dressed. It’s good to have a day like that now and again.

And this evening, after a lovely long soak in the bath, I decided to try on my whole outfit for the ball. My dress is floor length, and even with heels I’m in danger of tripping over, but it does look lovely. It would have been nicer to have lost a bit more weight before the ball, but it’s too late to fret about that now. I invested in some black lace top hold up stockings last week, as I’m fed up wearing tights, and I’ve amused hubby by spending part of this evening strolling around the house in just my stockings and high heels. They feel pretty secure, and I even gave them the ‘dance test’, bouncing around the living room and seeing if I could dance without falling off my heels or losing my stockings. Fingers crossed they stand the test next weekend. I’ve also got myself some new red and green costume jewellery, which sets off my outfit really well.

And although I could really do with finishing those goodie bags, I’ve admitted defeat and am getting a much needed early night. I know that this week I have to finish those bags, I need to do my Mam’s shopping, go and get my nails and eyebrows done ready for the ball, and I also have to fit full-time work around that – and I’ve volunteered for overtime, too, as if I don’t have enough on. And more importantly, I’m due to get my editing suggestions from my publishers this week for my next medical play book. Fingers crossed it’ll be out very soon. I got my cover art earlier this week and am thrilled with it.

I hope you’ve had a good weekend.

Carole x


Saturday Spankings


I can’t believe Saturday’s here again – and for the third week in a row I’ve done no writing at all. However, I am almost finished making up the goodie bags for the Weight Watchers ball next weekend, so hopefully some time this week I can make a start on Melissa and Uncle Cyril. I’ve spent my lunch breaks at work recently cutting out snowflakes, and my evenings sticking them onto bags, decorating and labelling them. I have a friend round on Friday night to help fill some more bags with goodies, and I hope to get them finished over the weekend. I also have friends round on Saturday night for a Partylite candle party, and if I find the time I might dig all my Christmas candle holders out and put them all on display – and if I do that, we’re so close to Christmas (my favourite time of the year), it’s not worth putting them away again and they can stay out until new year 🙂 Then hopefully on Sunday, I can do some writing.

For this week’s Saturday Spankings, I’m going to share another extract from Melissa and the Medic . A couple of weeks ago I posted a bit where Melissa was misbehaving and was rude to her neighbour, school head teacher, Mr Wilkinson. Her partner, Jason, was unhappy with her behaviour, especially her rudeness towards her older neighbour. In the following scene, Jason gives her a spanking. I hope you enjoy!


Melissa & the Medic


“I’m sorry I was a bad girl.” She whimpered as he slapped her pantied bottom. “I’m sorry I was rude to Mr. Pervert next door.” The smack she received to her bare thigh stung, and she leaned back and scowled at him.

“Melissa, you can’t apologize for being rude to someone, and in the next breath call him a very unflattering name,” he said.  She grinned, finding further amusement in watching him struggle to hold back a smile.

Composed once more, Jason looked sternly at her. “I don’t think you’re sorry at all, young lady. In fact, I think you’d better get back across my knee and take the rest of your spanking like a good girl.”

If you enjoyed this and would like to read more, maybe you might consider adding Melissa and the Medic to your library of ebooks:-

Blushing Books

If you enjoy Melissa and the Medic, you might also consider reading the prequel, Melissa’s Punishment Examination. Both can be read as stand-alone titles. Melissa’s Punishment Examination is purely a medical play story, whereas Melissa and the Medic includes romance.

Don’t forget to head over to the Saturday Spankings blog to see what other authors are sharing this week.

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Have a good weekend.

Carole x



Well, I made a start on my Christmas shopping this weekend – though not very successfully!

I went to Leeds on Saturday with my husband, and within half an hour of arriving there he’d blown most of my weekend’s shopping budget on a new suit for the Weight Watchers ball. I guess I can’t begrudge him that as the one we bought for last year is too big now – and I got myself a new dress a few weeks ago. Only problem is I now need to find my dress. I know exactly what carrier bag it’s in, but I have absolutely no idea where I’ve put it. Oh well, I have twelve days to find it. Wish me luck!

The only other stuff I bought in Leeds was a necklace and earrings to go with my dress, and a hairclip that snapped in half when I tried to put it in! And, as there’s no Lush shop in my home town and Lush bath bombs are my favourite product ever invented, I had to buy myself a few. All nice glittery ones so hubby can complain when he gets covered in glitter ever time he uses the bathroom for a week afterwards! So no Christmas gifts bought on Saturday.

I was more optimistic on Sunday as I didn’t have hubby with me. I went to the Newcastle MetroCentre with two of my sisters. We go there two or three times a year and always come back laden down with bags. We each had one bag – and again I had no gifts. I got myself a pair of hold-up stockings and another Lush ball – well, I couldn’t walk past the shop without going in! – one sister bought a bra and the other bought her daughters some Lush balls. Not a Christmas gift in sight!

We did, however, have a very nice lunch at Frankie and Benny’s, and we finished the day with a couple of cocktails in the wonderful cocktail bar there. I had a Lemon Meringue and a Screaming Orgasm. I was so very tempted to go for the Dirty Banana followed by a Screaming Orgasm :0)

Well I have another Christmas shopping trip at the end of November in York, where hopefully I will have more success. Unfortunately hubby is going with me, and he made me very aware (by going in literally every shoe shop we passed in Leeds) that he wants a pair of brogues! Maybe Santa might be kind to him.

And despite my busy weekend, I did get a bit of writing done on Sunday morning. I had been sketching out plans for a spanking romance, but I was having trouble getting started. Instead I’ve made a start on plans for my next Melissa story, tentatively titled Melissa and Uncle Cyril. I introduced him into Melissa and the Medic and am keen to write his story.

I wish I didn’t have to work full-time. I’m keen to get on with my writing but sadly it’s 8am Monday morning and the office is calling.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Carole x


Saturday Spankings-Halloween Hat3 

Well I’ve got another busy weekend where it’s unlikely I’ll get any writing done. I’ve been spending a lot of time recently putting together items for the goodie bags for a Weight Watchers ball I’m helping to organise, which is in a couple of weeks’ time. I’ll be getting on with those on Friday night, and I’m going Christmas shopping on Saturday and Sunday, to Leeds and the Newcastle MetroCentre.

It was my intention to share an extract from Melissa and the Medic involving her neighbour, Mr Wilkinson, but as I was searching through for a suitable bit to use, I found this following extract which I have decided to share instead. Melissa is helping Jason, pretending to be a patient, and putting up mock resistance when he tries to take her temperature – rectally, of course. I hope you enjoy this extract as much as I did:-

Melissa & the Medic


“No, I don’t want you to take my temperature like this. I’m a big girl, not a baby.” Melissa shrieked as his hand smacked down on the center of her behind.

“If you want me to treat you like a big girl, you might try acting like one, instead of a naughty little girl in need of a sound spanking on her bare bottom.”  Melissa’s heart raced as Jason landed hearty swats on her behind. Her squirming was very real as his hand rapidly heated her seat, but her pussy rubbed against his thigh, building up heat in a different place.

“I’ll be good,” she said, panting breathlessly. Jason immediately stopped spanking and his finger thrust into her behind. She literally humped his lap as he added a second finger and lubricated her thoroughly, and she whimpered in dismay when his fingers slipped out. The thermometer quickly took their place and she gyrated against him as he held the rod between thumb and forefinger, pressing it into her whilst applying gentle pressure to her lower back with his other hand. When the thermometer was removed, she was disappointed to be released.


If you would like to read more, Melissa and the Medic is available at the following online stores:-

Blushing Books

And if you enjoy Melissa and the Medic, you might also enjoy Melissa’s Punishment Examination. Melissa and the Medic follows on from that one, but they can both be read as stand alone stories.

Don’t forget to head over to the Saturday Spankings blog to see what other tantalising teasers authors are offering this week.

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Have a Happy Halloween.

Carole x


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