As overtime at work has finally ended and I have had a pretty much free weekend, I have spent most of it writing and have almost completed my latest book which I have still tentatively titled The Delinquent Bride. I have a further chapter to write, possibly 2, and I then want to go over the last 3 chapters that I have written again. As I have taken a day’s annual leave on Tuesday, I am confident that I will finish writing it then and after a day or 2 of editing and proof reading I should be ready to send it to my publisher. I am very happy with the changes I have made, which have made it shorter, but I believe it is better for having ‘hurried the story along’ a little in the middle. It should still be close to 50,000 words once complete. I can’t wait to finish it and hopefully get it published.

Carole x

Despite my best efforts, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day and as overtime is ongoing at work, and probably will be for another couple of weeks at least, I’m just going to have to make do with the odd hours here and there to work on my latest book. It is coming along well and although my hopes to have it finished this weekend are impossible now, I am hopeful that a week or two at most will be enough to complete it.

On the plus side, I was thrilled to look on Blushing Books yesterday and see that The Highlander’s Maiden was at number 1! My previous book, The Lady and the Sheriff, only made it to number 2 on their charts and as I’d been stuck at number 3 for over a week with The Highlander’s Maiden, I was hopeful to at least equal the position of my last book. I know Blushing is nowhere near as big as the likes of Amazon, where The Highlander’s Maiden only reached 1,004 on the overall chart and 47 in historical romance, but I’m absolutely delighted with that. It’s much better than I ever imagined.

I am so grateful to every person that buys one of my books and I hope that as I improve and grow as a writer, more people may enjoy what I write.

Carole x

After two weeks of working overtime every day, visiting Dad in hospital and helping relatives with their fund raising activities, I’ve finally found a bit of time to do some more writing – and to get online. I have a couple of hours this morning before going to make owls for a charity fair tomorrow, then tomorrow I have the whole day free to write (until I need to go to work at 4.30pm). I’m really enjoying my current story that I’m working on, although I have decided on a plot change which I think makes it better but has required me to rewrite a couple of chapters. I also have quite a bit written in my notebook to type into my Word document. I’m nearing the end now and I hope to be finished within a week.

Although I had planned to get on with my latest story today, which I have tentatively entitled The Delinquent Bride (this will probably change), I have instead returned to another story idea I had some months ago that I keep playing around with.

My editor has encouraged me to try different genres and for a while I have wanted to have a go at writing an age play story but keep putting it aside to write other things. I have got quite a lot written down today and I am pleased with how the story is shaping.

My main concern about writing age play though is what others will think. I know it is not about children, but I know others (who know me) may see it like that. Friends and family are proud of my writing at the moment – they don’t actually read it, but they know what type of stuff I write – but I don’t think I could actually let them know I had written something like that. Stupid really because I know what I’m doing isn’t wrong, but it’s just other people’s perceptions of it.

Carole x

I am on cloud nine at the moment, courtesy of an email from my editor James, letting me know that this morning my latest book, The Highlander’s Maiden, made it into the top 100 historical romance books on

Thank you to everyone who has bought it, and I hope you’re all enjoying it. I still have to pinch myself now and again to remind myself that I really have had stories published and they really are actually selling. I still find that hard to believe and watch with delight as I see my latest book’s rank rise on Amazon and elsewhere.

I get so much delight from my writing and I hope those who read my books get as much enjoyment out of my writing as I myself do.

Time for bed, early start tomorrow (6am-3pm shift, yuck!). I’m not quite sure I’ll be able to sleep, and the worst thing is I haven’t dared to share with my colleagues (who I have only worked with for 9 months) that I write erotic fiction, so I can’t share my delight with them tomorrow. Ex-colleagues, friends and family know and they are generally very proud of me, but I haven’t quite dared to let people I work with now know about my writing. I’m worried they’ll judge me by what I write. Sometimes I go into work (when I get good reviews, have a book published, have finished writing a book, etc) and I’m absolutely bursting with happiness but I can’t share it. Maybe one day soon!

Carole x

It’s typical when I’m keen to get on with my latest story that there’s overtime on at work and it means I’m working long days and only getting Sunday off this week. Overtime comes few and far between these days so I need to grab it with both hands when it is available.

I’ll just have to make do with writing in shorthand in my notebook during my lunch break and on Sunday I’ll have to spend the day typing up whatever I’ve written. At the moment my story seems to be constantly rushing around in my head and I’m trying hard to get everything down on paper before I forget things.

I’m tempted to spend an hour or so writing now, but as I’m up for work in just over 8 hours and I know full well that I never ever manage to just write for an hour, I’m going to have to reluctantly switch off and get some sleep.

Carole x

Last night it was Korey to the rescue yet again! Not only are Stormy Night Publications excellent publishers, who I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking to get their writing published, but they also host this blog for me.

Korey did all the hard work in setting it up (doing everything I wanted and more) and although I eventually worked out how to write a new post, put it in the right category and – my main accomplishment – work out how to show current works in progress, it was a step too far for me to try and work out how to post my new book, The Highlander’s Maiden.

Anyone looking at my blog last night would have wondered what was happening as the book cover appeared and disappeared (in strange formats), the story blurb appeared and disappeared, several times, then I scrapped it and turned to Korey for help.

Literally a minute later I went to my blog and there was my new book as it should be. Thank you, thank you, thank you (and the same thanks to James for helping me edit my book and giving me great tips along the way to help me constantly improve my writing).

Carole x

After two and a half hours sleep, I’m feeling pretty good, especially as I’ve got an email from my editor to say The Highlander’s Maiden has been sent to Amazon. I think this book is definitely my best yet and I thank James for his patience, especially last night when there was a fair number of tears and tantrums as I realised all my changes were lost. I’m now looking forward to an afternoon at the spa with my 3 sisters – a well deserved treat for us all out of my royalties payments.

I work full-time so don’t get to write as much as I would like to, but being able to use the money for nice treats that I ordinarily could not afford makes pursuing this enjoyable hobby all the more worthwhile.

I have a feeling my mood may crash later when lack of sleep catches up with me, but for now I’m on cloud nine, waiting anxiously to see my book up for sale. That is definitely the best feeling in the world, to look at something and be able to say “I wrote that”. I don’t think I will ever tire of the excitement at seeing my latest book go up for sale. I’m like an excited child at the moment.

Carole x

At 9am on Saturday I sat down to do a final amendment to my latest story, The Highlander’s Maiden. I realised I had missed one suggestion by my editor for a slight change, which I thought would be better than the current version, so I sat down to give the whole book a final proof read and to make this change.

I should have known when I tried to open the Word document and I got some strange ‘Sky’ document that something was amiss, especially as it was going so slow, freezing constantly and really causing me grief. I continued until around 7.30pm until finally I was pleased with the finished version, saved the changes and sent it to my editor. As it would not allow me to copy and paste a version of the document, nor could I save the document to my own files, I emailed my editor to make sure he had the changes. Sadly when I came back online 2 hours later, the document I had returned to him through this ‘Sky’ document thing was the same he had sent to me with not one single amendment. To say I was gutted is a slight under-statement.

A few tears and tantrums later, I sat down and started again. My problem had been that I work with .doc Word documents and this was a .docx, which I should have realised. That will teach me to blindly struggle on with something when I know there’s a problem.

It’s now 4.30am and time for me to go to bed. Despite my frustration at losing my work, I am happy to have finally finished this and I am very pleased with the result. I am also thrilled with yet another excellent book cover by Korey. Having signed my contract, I am now off to bed to get 5 1/2 hours sleep before I need to get up and get ready for a nice relaxing afternoon in the spa with my sisters, followed by afternoon tea – which I think I have more than deserved!

Carole x


I am pleased to have returned to my new, still unnamed, story today and even more thrilled that I’ve read through it and discovered I have not repeated the same errors this time as I did in The Highlander’s Maiden (mainly writing a chapter from the perspective of more than one character). I have managed to keep away from doing that this time and I’m generally happy with my first 4 chapters and have today added a 5th.

I took my editor’s advice to write a story outline before starting to write and am working from that rather than writing blindly and seeing where the story takes me. It’s good to work with a structured outline and to know where my story is headed and where I want it to go along the way. Also having the character sketches is helping me, rather than jotting down notes here and there and losing them! I have changed my mind on a few details already, and I’m sure more will change before it’s finished, but I’m happy to be writing something new and enjoying it once more.

I think it’s safe to say I hate editing, but I realise it’s a necessary evil to get a story right. I’ll have to put my latest writing aside some time this week to do final changes to The Highlander’s Maiden, but I’m pretty confident that there won’t be too much to change now and it will hopefully be published soon.

Carole x


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