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I am pleased to announce the release of Melissa and the Medic, the follow up to Melissa’s Punishment Examination – though both books can be read as stand-alone stories.

There have been some issues with this, which is why I did not immediately announce the release two days ago. An incorrect cover has been put on the book, which has a wrong spelling of my name. This has been rectified on Blushing Books, and hopefully soon Amazon will show the correct cover, too.

Melissa & the Medic

Melissa Martin is reluctant to return to her job as receptionist at the private Manhattan clinic run by Dr. Ben Williams and his wife, Barbara, the practice nurse.

After they caught her bunking off work to spend time with her friends, they gave her a series of punishments so humiliating, she doesn’t know whether she can face them ever again. Her embarrassment was intensified because handsome trainee physician assistant, Jason Jennings, had promptly been invited to join in and assist the doctor and his wife in disciplining Melissa.

Despite her shame and mortification, she found herself irresistibly attracted to the young man due to join the team for a four week placement – and as much as she hated the spankings, enemas and other discipline meted out to her, she was helplessly excited by it as well.

Facing her fears, Melissa returns to work, and is thrilled when Jason asks her out for dinner. The two enjoy a steamy whirlwind romance, after which she starts to question whether their relationship is the real thing, or whether he has simply been using her for sex whilst working with her. She can’t deny that the sex, spanking, anal play and enemas have been hot, but Melissa wants more. She can’t bear the thought of Jason walking away at the end of his placement – but does she have enough to offer to make him stay?

Publisher’s Note: Melissa and the Medic contains spanking, enemas, anal punishments, and other medical play scenes. If such material offends you, please do not buy this book.

If you want to read more, you can buy Melissa and the Medic from:-

Blushing Books



I will be sharing an extract from this book in Saturday Spankings tomorrow.

Carole x


Naughty Immy’s Punishment is now available on Amazon.


Imogen loves it when her husband Adam takes on his daddy role and spoils her, cuddles her, and treats her like his baby girl, but she knows that when she has been naughty her daddy must discipline her… and today she was very, very naughty.

A silly prank on her part almost got Adam in trouble with the police, and Immy knows that now she is in for a long, thorough, and incredibly embarrassing punishment from her firm daddy.

Publisher’s Note: Naughty Immy’s Punishment is a novella-length erotic short story that includes spankings, anal play, exhibitionism, humiliation, age play, medical play, sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Additional Note: This story focuses primarily on a single incident in the lives of a fictionalized couple and the results of that incident. The age play relationship and associated punishments and other interactions described in the story are intended purely as erotica and not as an attempt to portray a realistic relationship which includes age play elements.

Naughty Immy’s Punishment is on sale via this link – http://www.amazon.com/Naughty-Immys-Punishment-Carole-Archer-ebook/dp/B00IBR1XEQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1391933595&sr=8-1&keywords=Naughty+Immy%27s+Punishment

Faking sick and skipping work yet again for a trip to the beach seemed like a good idea at the time, but when Melissa’s deception is discovered the beautiful twenty-two year old finds herself in way over her head. Her boss, Dr. Ben Williams, informs her that if she wants to keep her job as a receptionist at his private medical practice then her only option is to submit to a punishment exam.Melissa is warned that Dr. Williams’ wife Barbara, herself a nurse, will be assisting him and this will be much more than just a routine checkup. Aside from being stripped bare for an extremely intimate and deeply embarrassing examination, Melissa must also endure a thorough cleansing and a long, hard, bare bottom spanking. Most shameful of all, she will have to please her employers in any way they demand. Can Melissa accept her punishment, or will she choose to walk away and leave her job behind?

Publisher’s Note: Melissa’s Punishment Examination is an erotic novella that includes medical play, spankings, anal play, exhibitionism, graphic sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Click the following link to buy on Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Melissas-Punishment-Examination-Carole-Archer-ebook/dp/B00GA6NNBG/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1383084581&sr=8-6&keywords=carole+archer

Highlander's MaidenAfter the death of their father, Colleen O’Shea and her sister Kaitlyn are dragged from their home just in time to escape the invading English. Living in hiding chafes at Colleen, however, and when a foolish decision nearly leads to her capture, she must leave her native Ireland in the company of an old family friend. Then another naïve choice on her part forces her to flee for her life once again, this time all alone in the hard, unfamiliar world of the Scottish Highlands.It is there, lost and desperate, that Colleen is found by Duncan MacGregor, carried back to the village of this tall, handsome highlander, and given a place to stay. As Colleen starts to adjust to her new life, her defiant nature puts her in constant conflict with Duncan, who has declared himself her guardian.

To Colleen’s horror, Duncan is more than prepared to take her over his knee for firm chastisement as often as he feels it is necessary, and she discovers that more serious misbehavior will earn her a much more thorough, embarrassing punishment than just a spanking. Nonetheless, Colleen finds that her feelings for Duncan are growing deeper every day, and she longs for him to claim her as his woman and his wife.Duncan has been enamored with Colleen since he first set eyes upon her. Each time he is forced to discipline her he can barely contain his desire to take her and take her hard, but he will not bring a woman to his bed without first making her his wife.

When a rival lays claim to her, though, he is forced to act quickly, and he soon finds himself the husband of a beautiful, feisty woman—one who he knows will need both his love and guidance and also quite frequently his firm hand applied to her bare bottom.

Publisher’s Note: The Highlander’s Maiden is a full-length adventure and erotic romance novel that includes both consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play and punishments, exhibitionism, graphic sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Buy This Book On Amazon

Nineteen-year-old Emma Bell has always wanted to travel the world before settling down, and as a result she has spurned every suitor her father has presented. He is desperate to find a suitable match for his beloved daughter—one who will treat her well, but who is well-off enough to afford the upkeep of the family estate in the English countryside.

In exasperation, he decides to take her with him on a trip to America in hopes of satisfying her desire to travel and finding her a good husband at the same time. All seems to be going perfectly after they meet Percival Woodhampton and the rich young American becomes interested in Emma.

Unfortunately, Emma’s father passes away before her wedding, and Percival soon shows himself to be anything but a gentleman. After a desperate escape from his home, she sets out on a train to see the American West as she has dreamed of doing for years. After her train is robbed by outlaws, however, Emma eventually finds her way into the care of the firm handed Bob Booker, the sheriff of Great Bend, Kansas.

Although neither of them expects it initially, their relationship grows with time until the sheriff is much more than just a strict guardian for Emma. Will they both admit their feelings for one another in time, or will Bob’s firm hand and Emma’s willful nature split them apart.

Publisher’s Note: The Lady and the Sheriff contains non-consensual spankings of an adult woman, including domestic discipline in a historical setting. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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