Another busy weekend, where I’ve yet again failed to do any writing, but sometimes it’s good to have a break and do the things we enjoy (though I have to admit writing is one of the things I enjoy most, and I wish I could fit more in).

I spent Friday night at a local Mexican restaurant with good friends Jo and Sarah, and amazingly we were all sober!!!

Also packed into my weekend was making sure I had all the items for goodie bags and getting everything organised and sorted into boxes and bags. I’ve set myself the rather mammoth task of decorating 144 goodie bags for the upcoming Weight Watchers ball I’ve been helping to organise, and I’m pleased to say I’ve at least made a start on them. I’ll have to get cracking cos me and my fellow WW clerks are going to be filling them with goodies in eleven days time. I will try to look on this as an enjoyable task rather than something that’s stopping me writing – and to be honest, I did enjoy cutting out snowflakes yesterday to go on the bags.

But the highlight of my weekend definitely has to be Saturday night, when I went to Middlesbrough Little Theatre with my sisters and nieces to see The Rocky Horror Show. It was the sing a long version, where the film is shown and lots of interactive stuff goes on (I especially liked yelling ‘slut’ and ‘arsehole’ when Janet and Brad’s names were mentioned, and booing the no-necked narrator). I really enjoyed myself and wonder who I’ll go as next time. I’m no Rocky Horror virgin, having been several times in the past, but this was the first time I’d cross-dressed, going as Eddie. Okay, it’s normally the men who cross-dress and go as Frank, but me and my niece (who went as RifRaf) decided to mix things up a bit. Great fun was had by all.

Oh, and I also managed to sort out my Twitter account (though still don’t really know what I’m doing), and finally signed up on Blushing Books Author Group (you can stop nagging me now, Darcie Rian).

I hope you had a good, fun-packed weekend too.

Carole x


Saturday Spankings


At the time of writing this, I’m getting ready for a night out with friends, then on Saturday night I’ll be going to Sing-a-long a Rocky Horror Show with several family members. On Sunday I’m looking forward to a well earned rest – and I might make a start on writing my next story, as I sent my latest piece of writing to my editor last weekend.

This week for Saturday Spankings, I thought I’d share another extract from my latest release, Melissa and the Medic. This follows on from Melissa’s Punishment Examination, but can be read as a stand-alone story as enough background is given to follow what’s happened previously.

In Melissa’s Punishment Examination, Melissa was punished for frequent lateness and faking sickness. Her boss, Dr Williams, and his wife, nurse Barbara, gave her a series of punishments, assisted later on by new trainee physician assistant, Jason. In Melissa and the Medic, romance blooms between Melissa and Jason as he works in the practice for a month, and they discover a shared love of spanking. There is also some non-consensual spanking.

In this extract, Melissa has returned home from an evening out with Jason, and she has a disagreement with her neighbour in the street, being very rude to him. Jason scolds her for her rudeness, and suggests that her neighbour ought to spank her. This is a fantasy Melissa has had many times, and she wonders if Mr Wilkinson will ever take her across his knee and spank her bottom. Although she fantasises about this, she is unsure the reality would be quite so appealing. Maybe next week I might share a little of what happens when she pushes Mr Wilkinson too far:-


Melissa & the Medic


“That was a terrible way to speak to your neighbor. You were very disrespectful.”

Melissa grinned at Jason, who stopped her and grasped her hand as she dragged him into her home.  “Oh, don’t worry about him. He’s a head teacher. He likes to lord it over everyone. The way he speaks to me, he must think I’m one of his pupils. He’s forever telling me off for playing my music too loud, or drinking alcohol in the garden with my friends.” She rolled her eyes and giggled.

“Maybe if you were one of his pupils, he’d quite rightly take you across his lap and spank your naughty bottom for such blatant disrespect,” Jason told her.

If you enjoyed this and would like to read more, Melissa and the Medic is available to purchase at:-

Blushing Books

Don’t forget to head over to the Saturday Spankings blog to see what’s on offer from other authors.

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Have a good weekend.

Carole x



I’ve just finished my latest medical play story and sent it to my publisher on Sunday. I hope for it to be out before Christmas (fingers crossed). In the meantime, I’d love to share a small extract here.

After being caught burgling a government official’s home, Maria has been sentenced to a day at one of the newly formed punishment clinics in New York, brought about to deal with a high influx of criminals. It’s set slightly into the future, but not too far from now. It contains spanking, enemas, anal play, rectal temp taking, sex, anal sex and more. Medical play is fast becoming my favourite genre to write, and I love this storyline and the characters.

Hope you enjoy the following short snippet:-

“Stand in the centre of the room there,” Dr Carter said, pointing to a spot just in front of the hard-topped examination table. “Hands on your head. Legs spread wide.”

“I don’t understand why I have to stand in such a…” Maria shrieked as Dr Carter grasped her wrist and dragged her across the room. Pulling a straight backed chair away from the wall, he sat down and hauled her over his lap. “Remember what I said, young lady, I won’t give you the same instruction twice. Disobey me and there will be consequences. The sooner you learn that, the quicker we’ll get through this process.”

Maria’s eyes widened as his hand cracked down on her left buttock. He continued to pound his solid palm against the same spot numerous times, until it burned. “No more, stop, please, I can’t stand it,” she yelled, as he moved to the other cheek and gave it the same treatment.

“I’ll stop when you’re ready to do as you’re told,” he said, slapping her buttocks randomly. His sharp swats were hurting and she kicked her legs, reaching her hand back. “No,” he scolded, grasping her wrist and holding it against the small of her back as he turned his attention to her sit spots.

Maria howled in pain, squirming as his hand went lower and burned her upper thighs. Hauling her further forward, he landed sharp slaps on her thighs, moving gradually lower. Tears dripped from Maria’s eyes and she yelled out. “No, stop, I’ll be good, I swear. I’ll do anything you say, just please stop.”

Her spanking stopped immediately and Dr Carter released his grip. Easing herself up, Maria turned away and swiped at the tears that streaked her cheeks. She was angry and embarrassed that she had allowed him to reduce her to tears.

“It’s okay to cry,” he said, turning her to face him and using his thumbs to brush away her tears. “I expect you’ll do a lot more crying before the day is over.” Maria frowned, hoping he was wrong.

Don’t forget to head on over to the WIP It Up Wednesday blog to see what other teasers from works in progress are being offered for your enjoyment.

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Carole x


For three weekends in a row now, I’ve had my fingers crossed that I’ll finish my latest novella, and I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finally done it!

Tentatively titled Sentenced to the Punishment Clinic, it’s a medical play story based in the near future, where twenty-five-year-old Maria is sentenced to a day in one of the newly formed punishment clinics in New York. She stubbornly refuses to comply at first, but seeing the possible alternatives, she’s soon toeing the line, albeit reluctantly.

I loved writing this story, I adore the characters, and I’m pleased there’s a couple of openings for possible follow-on books. I’ve just sent it to my publisher, and I’ll keep my fingers and toes (and everything else) crossed that it’ll be edited and on sale before the end of the year. It contains spanking, sex, anal sex, anal play, rectal temp taking and enemas. It’s just over 35,000 words, consisting of eight chapters and an epilogue.

It wasn’t all plain sailing when I finished it. I tried attaching the Word document to an email to send to my editor, but it wouldn’t attach, and I’ve spent the best part of an hour messing around with it. I’ve ended up saving it to OneDrive and am hoping that he can open that attachment.

I’m going to take a break from my writing for a few days now and get caught up with my accounts for last year, which need to be with my UK accountant very soon. I’m then going to start on a longer romance – including spanking of course – that I’ve been planning for a little while. I’m keen to get started immediately, but I sadly have more pressing matters to deal with first in my spare time. Oh how I wish I didn’t have to work full-time.

If I get chance, I might even share a short extract from Sentenced to the Punishment Clinic in this week’s WIP It Up Wednesdays.

I hope you’ve had a good and productive weekend.

Carole x


Saturday Spankings

Thank goodness the weekend is here. It’s my favourite part of the week because not only am I away from the office for two full days, but I get valuable time to write at length instead of the odd snatched hour here and there. This weekend I hope to finish my latest medical play novella, but in the meantime I’d like to share another extract from my most recent release, Melissa and the Medic.

Melissa & the Medic

This is a follow-on from Melissa’s Punishment Examination, but can be read as a stand-alone. Melissa has returned to Dr Williams’ clinic after a humiliating punishment at the hands of her boss and his wife, nurse Barbara. More embarrassing for her, the new trainee physician assistant Jason also helped out with her punishment. Putting her ordeal behind her, she begins a relationship with Jason. In this scene, the pair are chatting in the break room at work not long after Dr Williams’ patient, self-confessed nymphomaniac Natasha, had been in for an appointment. Natasha, still stunning in her mid-fifties, was instantly attracted to Jason, but Melissa was quick to stake her claim on him. The previously sweet receptionist’s head is now full of the delightfully dirty things that were done to her the previous week, and she is keen to take a leaf out of Natasha’s book and literally eat her man alive!

Melissa closed her eyes and sighed as he removed his lips from hers, his face only inches away. His breath was warm on her face. She wanted him to kiss her hard, and she realized with surprise that more than that, she wanted him to take her to bed—in fact, she didn’t even need a bed, the table between them would do just fine. She imagined him pushing her over it, yanking her skirt up and her panties down, and ravaging her ass. Oh, my God, I’m turning into Natasha the nymph, she thought with bemusement. 
“Oh, Melissa, what are you doing to me?” Clutching handfuls of her hair, he held her head firmly. “Even just the thought of your well-spanked ass, with that enema hose sticking out, makes me hard.”  She opened her eyes and looked at him. His breathing was ragged as he gazed at her with longing. Her cheeks flushed at the thought of the enema hose, but her nipples tightened into hard peaks. She couldn’t deny her obvious arousal. Glancing down, she smiled. Jason’s cock was straining against the front of his trousers, forming a noticeable bulge.

I hope you enjoyed this short snippet. If you’d like to read more, Melissa and the Medic is available for purchase through the following links:-

Blushing Books

Don’t forget to head over to the Saturday Spankings blog to find out what other tantalising teasers are available for your enjoyment.

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Have a great weekend.

Love Carole x


Setting myself a deadline for my writing is never a good thing. I promised myself I would finish my latest book by last weekend, but I ended up spending the weekend in Blackpool. With only one chapter left to write, I swore I would get it done this week, finished by Saturday and a final proof read on Sunday before sending to publisher. Unfortunately it yet again hasn’t happened.

Yesterday I went shopping and although I wrote a little bit, I then decided to spring clean (or should that be autumn clean?!) my cupboards, because I’m sick of things falling out when I open them.

I sat down at my PC this morning, recharged and raring to go, spent an hour or so writing, went downstairs to make a coffee and we had a power cut. My husband checked the fuse board in the cupboard and none of the switches had ‘tripped’, so he checked the electric box outside and the meter was blank, no numbers or anything. A call to the electric board confirmed there wasn’t a problem in the area and it was just us. Four hours later my electric was restored after a fuse in the electric meter was replaced, but now that I’ve cooked dinner and sorted the laundry out, it’s a bit too late to get going again.

I’ll print out what I’ve done today and take it into work, try to do a bit of editing and add to it in my lunch break each day. Maybe next weekend it’ll be third time lucky!

Carole x


Saturday Spankings

As my newest release Melissa and the Medic is doing so well, I thought I’d share an extract this week from Melissa’s Punishment Examination. The two books can be read as stand alone, but Melissa and the Medic does follow on from this one.

In Melissa’s Punishment Examination, Melissa is punished by her bosses for frequent lateness and staying home from work under the illusion that she is sick, when really she’s been out partying with friends. Trainee physician assistant Jason is called upon to help out as Melissa is punished with spanking, rectal temp taking, enemas and more. This was my first attempt at medical play, and I loved writing it.

This snippet is taken early in Melissa’s punishment, before Jason joins then. She is humiliated beyond belief, but desperate to hang on to her job. Little does she know how bad things are about to get:-

When the spanking mercifully stopped, Melissa lay still, her buttocks spread, and she froze as the end of the thermometer once more slid into her bottom hole. “Take a deep breath in,” Dr. Williams told her. Melissa filled her lungs with air. “Now breathe out slowly,” he said. As Melissa released the breath, her body relaxed and she felt the thermometer slide deep into her rectum. “Good girl,” Dr. Williams encouraged, “that’s a good girl.”

Dr. Williams’ comforting words helped Melissa to relax, but as he gripped the thermometer and twirled it inside her bottom she squirmed, wondering how bad this could possibly get before her bosses decided that she had learned her lesson. As far as she was concerned, she already had. Melissa knew without a doubt that she would never skip work again.


If you enjoyed this snippet, why not head over to one of the following stores to purchase your copy (and if you enjoy that, maybe you might consider adding Melissa and the Medic to your library too, to see what happens when Jason comes to do four weeks training at the medical practice):-

Barnes & Noble

Don’t forget to head over to the Saturday Spankings blog and see what’s on offer from other spanking authors.

Have a good weekend.

Carole x

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I had intended to finish the final chapter of my new medical play story this weekend, but my sister decided she wanted to celebrate her 50th birthday in Blackpool. It’s been some time since I visited this town, in the north-west of England, and although it’s a little tackier than I remember, a great weekend was had by all 15 of us.

We visited the dungeons, where I swear my heart stopped several times. I was frightened of the dark, things jumping out, objects touching me in the darkness (and certainly not what I would want to be touching me in a darkened room!), the actors who played their parts excellently and with much conviction, and the final thrill(?!) of the Death Drop ride at the end. My photo was by far the worst of those on display in the foyer as we left afterwards – taken just as I screamed loudly, eyes screwed tightly shut, mouth wide open, I had clearly lifted up from the seat, and my hair was stood on end as we dropped swiftly down. The males either side of me looked quite unmoved by the experience, though one believed my scream might have perforated his eardrum.

Throughout the dungeons experience, I screamed as our chairs in the darkened room tipped back, when hands played with my hair in the darkness, when we were plunged into darkness in the corridor, and at various other times. If there was an award for the most frightened, I would have won hands-down.

We enjoyed fish and chips by the sea (or sausage and chips in the case of my niece), and she watched dumbfounded as her sausage fell to the floor and was swiftly plucked up by a greedy seagull. It was promptly mobbed by other seagulls who wanted their share.

We also went to the Madame Tussaud’s waxworks, which was considerably less scary than the dungeons. We had fun posing with our favourite stars, though I was not so amused when I posed with Scottish talent show singer Susan Boyle, only to find that my colleague who told me I look like her was in fact correct. I definitely need to get a new hairdo! We had more fun trying to guess who some of the wax models were, and there was much amusement at how poor some of them were. On the whole though it was a fantastic experience.

When I was younger I used to spend a whole week there every year, though sadly – like many other things – it isn’t the same. Times have changed and it’s no longer the holiday destination it was then, but for a fun weekend away, doing something different, I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

I think it’s safe to say we – or at least I – had a scream!



Hope you’ve had a good weekend.

Carole x





Saturday Spankings

Last week I was interviewed on Darcie Rian’s blog to promote my new book, Melissa and the Medic. Within that interview, Darcie told me that the first book of mine she had read – and loved – was Adirondack Heights. I certainly enjoyed writing that one, as it contains a lot of medical play, which has fast become my favourite genre since writing Melissa’s Punishment Examination a couple of years ago.

Darcie’s comments led me to go back to Adirondack Heights and read through it, and I have decided to share an extract from that through this week’s Saturday Spankings. Here is the blurb for the book:-

Kelly Anderson is thrilled to have landed herself a reporting role on the college newspaper at the Adirondack Heights Girls’ College, but she is becoming disillusioned with the dull, uninspiring subject matter about which she is expected to write.

Going off in search of her own material, she finds more than she bargained for when she speaks to Rachel McMillan and discovers a deep, dark secret about one of her professors.

Desperate not to lose her place at the college, Kelly agrees to take part in humiliating medical play, including anal play and enemas, at the hands of the attractive, Professor McAllister, and his female colleague, Professor Lindhurst.

I was torn between whether to use an extract where Kelly was spanked, or one of the medical play scenes, but I chose this bit instead where Kelly takes in her surroundings and becomes aware just how much trouble she’s landed herself in; but she still has slim hopes that Professor McAllister is only trying to scare her. Little does she realise, yet, that in snooping and trying to find out details of a fellow pupil’s punishment, she too is about to experience exactly the same. And as she gazes over the equipment in the room, she has no idea that soon she will become very intimate with each piece of furniture.

Adirondack Heights


When they reached a door labeled Supplies, he released her and took a key from his pocket. Unlocking it, he gripped her wrist and tugged her through the doorway.

Kelly gasped as behind the door was a large room resembling a gynecologist’s exam room, only much bigger. She gazed in awe at the examination table, with stirrups hanging ominously above it. A variety of canes, paddles, straps and riding crops adorned a section of the wall. A wooden construction, similar to a gym horse, but with restraints hanging from various points, stood at the far side of the room. Next to it was a large wooden ‘X,’ raised a couple of feet on a plinth and laying horizontal to the floor.

As Kelly allowed her gaze to move slowly over the vast array of spanking implements, she hoped Professor McAllister would not find it necessary to use any of them on her. She truly hoped he was just trying to frighten her into silence. If that was his plan, it was definitely working.

If you enjoyed the above snippet and would like to read more, Adirondack Heights is available at the following places:-

Blushing Books

Don’t forget to head over to the Saturday Spankings blog to see what tasty snippets other authors have on offer this week.

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Carole x



Today fellow UK author, Darcie Rian, has kindly interviewed me on her blog to help promote my new release, Melissa and the Medic. Go to the following link to see the interview – Darcie Rian. While you’re there, take a look around and read about the wonderful Hyperion Legacy series of books she is working on.


Melissa & the MedicA_Legal_Education_Cover


Darcie had her first book in this series published recently (A Legal Education), and I have had the privilege of reading through the draft of the second book, Hyperion’s Folly. It is just as enjoyable as the first book, if not more so. I see lots more spin-offs coming from this story and I eagerly anticipate the next. I strongly suggest people give this fantastic new author a try. You won’t be disappointed!

As I work full-time I have precious little time to write, blog and do all the things we should be doing as authors to promote our work, but I would recommend that everyone find time to do as much as possible. After all, a little is better than nothing at all. If you’re at a complete loss when it comes to technical issues, ask for help. I have blundered along for a couple of years with a blog I know next to nothing about. The person who set it up for me said if I had any issues to ask her and she would help. I didn’t ask so she assumed (wrongly) that I knew what I was doing. All of the buttons on the blog meant nothing to me so I simply ignored them and spent ages pulling together a post, finding all the bits needed to go within it, not realising that the ‘add media’ button actually stored the images I had used. I now grin like a lunatic when I add links – as I have above to Darcie’s blog and her book – as this new ‘toy’ makes my blog look more professional, as if I (almost) know what I’m doing.

smiley 13

And if you find yourself in the fortunate position that I did, where an unpublished author contacts you and asks for help, take a bit of time to share your knowledge and experience with them (as I did), because there is no greater feeling than helping a would-be author become a published author (apart from maybe becoming a published author yourself). I have had a wealth of help with my blog in return, and I can’t thank Darcie enough for her kindness and the time she and her husband have spent tidying my blog up and teaching me how to use it. And what’s more, I now have a great friend.

Now you’ve finished reading this, don’t forget to head over to Darcie Rian’s blog (if you haven’t already) and take a look around.

Now, back to my writing. I intended to finish the final two chapters of my latest medical play today, but the last few chapters of Hyperion’s Folly (and Facebook’s Criminal Case game) have distracted me from it so far. So if I don’t finish writing those two chapters this weekend, it’s Darcie’s fault!

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend.

Carole x

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