Saturday Spankings

Saturdays come around so quickly! Last week I was thrilled that my summer Saturday evening work had come to an end for another year, but on my first Saturday of freedom for six months, unfortunately I need to go to my full-time job and work 8am-2pm. But I won’t let that stop me sharing an extract from my new book, Melissa and the Medic.

Melissa & the Medic

This follows on from my hugely successful Melissa’s Punishment Examination, where Melissa Martin was punished by her bosses, Dr Ben Williams and his wife, practice nurse Barbara, for frequent lateness and faked sickness absence. During Melissa’s humiliating punishment, the pair invited trainee physician assistant, Jason Jennings, to assist, increasing the young receptionist’s embarrassment.

Melissa and the Medic follows on from this – though can be read as a stand alone story. Melissa returns to work and once she gets over her initial embarrassment at facing her bosses, she is soon back in the swing of things. And better still, she finds she has a lot in common with Jason, who is joining the practice for four weeks, and they begin a relationship.

Melissa and the Medic contains spanking (consensual and non-consensual), anal play, enemas, medical play, and sex.

This short extract is taken when Melissa and Jason return to her home after a date. She is rude to her next door neighbour, and Jason is shocked by her behaviour:-

She took a deep breath as she moved towards him and reached up to put her hands on his shoulders. “If you’re cross with me, maybe you should smack my bottom?”

His eyes glinted with desire. “Oh, sweetheart, I would like nothing more than to turn you across my lap and warm that gorgeous ass.” His hand reached out and caressed her cheek.

“So, why don’t you do it?” As she waited for Jason to accept her challenge, she anxiously chewed her lower lip. Since Dr. Williams had punished her, she had fought to control her desire to be spanked, and now she trembled as she gave in and admitted to that need. “Please, don’t deny me what is so very hard to ask for.”

If you enjoyed this short extract and would like to read more, Melissa and the Medic is available to buy at the following stores (though it may have a slightly different cover from above. At the time of writing only Blushing Books have this picture, Amazon are showing a cover with a patient laid on a doctor’s couch, but this is the same story. Hopefully the error will be rectified soon):-

Blushing Books

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Have a great weekend.

Carole x


I am pleased to announce the release of Melissa and the Medic, the follow up to Melissa’s Punishment Examination – though both books can be read as stand-alone stories.

There have been some issues with this, which is why I did not immediately announce the release two days ago. An incorrect cover has been put on the book, which has a wrong spelling of my name. This has been rectified on Blushing Books, and hopefully soon Amazon will show the correct cover, too.

Melissa & the Medic

Melissa Martin is reluctant to return to her job as receptionist at the private Manhattan clinic run by Dr. Ben Williams and his wife, Barbara, the practice nurse.

After they caught her bunking off work to spend time with her friends, they gave her a series of punishments so humiliating, she doesn’t know whether she can face them ever again. Her embarrassment was intensified because handsome trainee physician assistant, Jason Jennings, had promptly been invited to join in and assist the doctor and his wife in disciplining Melissa.

Despite her shame and mortification, she found herself irresistibly attracted to the young man due to join the team for a four week placement – and as much as she hated the spankings, enemas and other discipline meted out to her, she was helplessly excited by it as well.

Facing her fears, Melissa returns to work, and is thrilled when Jason asks her out for dinner. The two enjoy a steamy whirlwind romance, after which she starts to question whether their relationship is the real thing, or whether he has simply been using her for sex whilst working with her. She can’t deny that the sex, spanking, anal play and enemas have been hot, but Melissa wants more. She can’t bear the thought of Jason walking away at the end of his placement – but does she have enough to offer to make him stay?

Publisher’s Note: Melissa and the Medic contains spanking, enemas, anal punishments, and other medical play scenes. If such material offends you, please do not buy this book.

If you want to read more, you can buy Melissa and the Medic from:-

Blushing Books

I will be sharing an extract from this book in Saturday Spankings tomorrow.

Carole x


Melissa and the Medic was due to be published by Blushing Books yesterday, so hopefully at the time of this post, it will be on sale on Amazon and Blushing Books. If it isn’t there yet, it hopefully won’t be too long!

I am thrilled yet again with the cover art designed by Blushing Books. This perfectly portrays Melissa:-

Melissa & the Medic

Melissa and the Medic follows on from Melissa’s Punishment Examination, but you don’t need to have read the first book as this could be read as a stand-alone book. However, I would be very happy if you decided to read the first book too, which is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and All Romance ebooks.

In the first book, Melissa is punished by her bosses, Dr Ben Williams and his practice nurse wife Barbara, due to her frequent lateness and absences from work. They gave her a series of humiliating punishments, including spanking, enemas and anal play. What made the experience even worse for young Melissa was that trainee physician assistant Jason, due to join the practice for four weeks on-the-job training, is invited to assist with her punishment. She finds herself very attracted to him, and dreads having to face him the following week.

This extract is taken the Monday morning following Melissa’s Thursday afternoon punishment. She is getting ready for work, and preparing to face Jason for the first time since her humiliating experience:-

Monday morning arrived too quickly for Melissa. She reluctantly dragged herself out of bed the very minute her alarm clock sounded, determined not to be late for work.

Standing under the hot spray of the shower, she closed her eyes as she soaped her body, instantly recalling the feel of Jason’s strong hands on her. She swallowed hard, her fingers slipping between her spread legs. Leaning against the wall of the small cubicle, she took down the shower head, twisted it sharply so the spray came out in one forceful jet, and aimed it between her legs.

As the water pounded directly onto her hard clit, Melissa’s knees buckled. Panting, she tossed her head back and trembled, crying out as a powerful orgasm took hold and she slid slowly down the tiled wall, her body gripped by spasms. She slumped to the floor, the shower head slipping from her hand. With her eyes still closed, she was unaware of it swinging freely within the small cubicle, like a manic pendulum, haphazardly spraying water all around her.

Finally, she regained her senses, and her ragged breathing returned to normal. Opening her eyes, she firmly gripped the shower head, stood on shaky legs, and fastened it back into its holder. Steadying herself with one hand against the wall, she tipped her head back and allowed the water to run over her until she felt alert once more.

Turning off the shower, Melissa stepped out of the cubicle and rubbed herself down vigorously with a towel. Sitting on the edge of her bath, she smoothed lotion over her body, taking great gulps of air as her heart continued to beat fast inside her chest.

Eventually calm, she returned to her bedroom, where she rummaged through the contents of her wardrobe. Taking several outfits from their hangers, she laid them out on her bed and pondered over what look she wanted to go for; sultry, sophisticated, sexy, flirtatious, smart, casual, or business-like. She tried various combinations, posing in front of the mirror and frowning before changing clothes once again.

Melissa was desperate to make a good second impression on Jason—she accepted she had totally screwed up the first one, but sadly she couldn’t change that now. As she stressed over what to wear, she tried to push their first meeting to the back of her mind. Thinking about it was only confusing things further. Her feelings alternated; from being embarrassed beyond belief, to being horny as hell.

Jason’s first impression of her, she realized, had not been a favorable one—at least in her eyes. Frowning, she remembered how hard his cock had been when he had entered her. Reconsidering, she accepted that he had clearly been attracted to her, as she had to him, but she wanted to start afresh. She hoped he might find her attractive enough to date, and not just see her as someone to have sex with. After what had gone on in the doctor’s office, it was hard to imagine he could see her in any other light, but she hoped to be able to persuade him there was much more to her.

If this book is released before this post goes live, I’ll add links below for Amazon and Blushing Books. If not, I’ll share the links via my blog once it is released.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my offering, and don’t forget to go and read the offerings from the other authors contributing their works in progress to WIP It Up Wednesdays.

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Carole x


Free Happy Woman Enjoying Nature. Beauty Girl Outdoor

Well, after spending my Saturday nights since April until last night, from 4.30pm until as late as midnight each week, typing cricket scores for the local newspapers, I now have my Saturday night freedom back. I plan to do a lot more writing in my spare time, starting now!

It’s now Sunday morning, just after 8.30am, and my hubby has just gone off for the day to take part in a rowing competition. I did my daughterly duties helping my parents yesterday, so today is all mine – though I guess my dog might say otherwise.

I’ve written six chapters of an eight-chapter (plus epilogue) medical play story, set towards the end of this century. I have it all mapped out, but just need to find the time to actually finish writing it. I’ve edited Chapter Six a few times, and have my latest draft print in front of me with a few amendments to make to the on-screen version. I’ll get them sorted and might hopefully get Chapter Seven done today.

This Wednesday I’ll be sharing an extract from Melissa and the Medic, due to be released this Tuesday, September 22, and I’ll be sharing a further snippet from that in Saturday Spankings next week. I don’t want to plan too far ahead as, despite my best intentions, blogging isn’t my strong point, but I do aim to share some of my new ‘work in progress’ soon.

Well I’ve checked my emails, played online games (I’m addicted to Facebook’s Criminal Case) and I’ve updated my blog (I’ve made a promise to myself to enter Saturday Spankings and WIP It Up Wednesdays regularly and to post to my blog at least once a week). I guess now it’s time to push everything else aside and get on with some writing. My aim is to hit 25,000 words by the end of the day.

Hope you’ve had a good and productive weekend.

Carole x


Saturday Spankings

This Tuesday, September 22, my next book will be released, Melissa and the Medic. It follows on from Melissa’s Punishment Examination, so for this week’s Saturday Spankings I’m going to share an extract from the first Melissa book.

It’s medical play, and Melissa’s Punishment Examination outlined the punishment that medical centre receptionist Melissa received at the hands of her bosses, Dr Ben Williams and his wife, practice nurse Barbara. She is punished due to frequent lateness and fabricated sickness.

As my new book will follow Melissa’s relationship with trainee physician assistant Jason, who is joining the practice for four weeks, I have selected the part of Melissa’s Punishment Examination where Jason was brought in to help the doctor and his wife:-

“Before she goes, Dr Williams, please let me spank her bottom,” begged Jason. “I’ll just use my hand, and she can keep her panties on.”

Melissa glared at him, her hands cupping her behind protectively. “No,” she snapped, stamping her foot on the floor. She immediately regretted her actions as Dr Williams raised an eyebrow and looked at her, approaching her and taking a firm grip on her elbow. He guided her across the room toward Jason who was now seated.

“I was going to say no, you’ve had enough,” Dr Williams told her, “but that bout of defiance has been your undoing, young lady. You might learn to mind your manners in the future,” he told her.

Melissa shrieked in frustration as Jason tipped her across his lap, lifted her skirt and began spanking her panty-covered bottom in earnest.

If you enjoyed this short extract, why not head on over to one of the online bookstores and buy a copy. And if you enjoy that, look out for Melissa and Medic, released this Tuesday.

Barnes & Noble

All Romance ebooks

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And, if I’ve done that right, I believe I’ve also successfully added the Linky Tools (I assume I’m supposed to just have a load of odd codes?!). Thank you again, Darcie. And to anyone reading this, don’t forget to head over to the Saturday Spankings blog (hopefully via the link above!) to read the offerings from all the other authors sharing snippets of their stories this week.

Carole x

With just over a week to the release of Melissa and the Medic, I thought it was time to share a small extract from this book, which is a follow-on to Melissa’s Punishment Examination. I enjoyed writing Melissa’s Punishment Examination, but in Melissa and the Medic I have concentrated on making all the characters more likeable and fleshing them out a bit. I think I have succeeded. I got a couple of questions from my editor at the weekend, and then I got the .pdf copy to proof read, then last night I got my draft cover art. I absolutely love it. Although this will be my fourteenth book, I am still as excited about its release as I was about my first book, The Charles Smith Method, over three years ago. I hope you enjoy this short snippet, and if you do look out for its release towards the end of next week.

This book is Melissa’s story, and most of the sex/spanking scenes are Melissa and trainee physician assistant Jason. However, this extract is taken when Dr. Ben Williams is alone in the clinic with his wife, practice nurse Barbara. I never planned to write this scene, but it just sort of ‘happened’. They often play ‘doctors and nurses’ in the clinic after hours, and here they’re having a bit of fun at the end of the working day:-

As she squatted down to replace files on the lower shelves, she was reminded of the enema swirling around inside her, and the pressure against her anus increased. She was used to holding much larger volumes of liquid for much longer periods of time, and the large butt plug certainly helped. Still, she clutched her tummy and glared at him when she was finished. “Can I go now?” she asked rudely. “You can go across my knee if you’re going to display that attitude, madam.”

 Her tummy fluttered—and it had nothing to do with the enema—when her husband crooked his finger and beckoned her towards him. His face showed his displeasure with her behavior, and she hesitantly moved closer. “I’m sorry, sir, but I’m desperate to go,” she said, reaching back to clutch her buttocks.

“You don’t seem to have learned your lesson at all, young lady.” Pushing his chair back, he guided her across his lap. “I hoped this wouldn’t be necessary, but I’m going to have to spank you again.”  There was a tinge of sadness to his voice, but Barbara knew he was also enjoying their little scenario. She squirmed around until she found a comfortable position, relaxed and settled down. “I’m sorry, sir, I’ll be good now.”

His hand cracked down against her sit-spot, taking her by surprise, and she shrieked in pain. The spanking was hard, and she knew she would feel it when she sat down on the toilet. He didn’t normally spank so hard in play, and she reminded herself she was not in real trouble; they were just playing. It was hard to ignore the burning sting, and she felt relief when he moved to her other sit-spot. But that soon was stinging as much as its twin. “Oh, I’m sorry, sir,” she wailed. “I promise I’ll be a good girl now.”

“I’m sure you will, young lady.”  Barbara stiffened as she heard his desk drawer open. “Please, you don’t need to paddle me, I promise I’ll be—ow!” The wide paddle cracked against her already stinging sit-spots. “No more, please, stop.”  Ignoring her protests, he whacked the paddle down once more. Tears stung her eyes as two more smacks landed across her upper thighs. “I’ll be good. Please, enough, I can’t take it.” Tears rolled down her cheeks and she clenched her fists.  Ben landed a final two hard smacks to the same spots before dropping the paddle back into his drawer. “Yes, I think that’s enough—for now, at least,” he agreed, rubbing her stinging thighs.

Barbara sighed, enjoying the gentler touch of his hand against her scorched flesh.  “Up you get.” He patted her stinging rump as she pushed up to a standing position. Her hands automatically reached back to soothe her buttocks, which were hot to the touch. Ben smiled and stood in front of her, kissing away her tears. “You shouldn’t be so naughty,” he said, in a mildly scolding tone, “and I wouldn’t have to be so harsh with you.” She nodded. “I’m sorry, sir,” she whispered.

“Good girl. Let’s see if you’ve learned your lesson now. Hands on your head, stand up straight.”  Barbara immediately assumed the position. He smiled, his eyes sparkling with pleasure at her submission. She sighed with contentment, her eyes fixed on his. “Five more minutes,” he said, his hands massaging her tummy, before moving upwards to her large breasts. Weighing them in his hands, he leaned forward and kissed each nipple in turn. Barbara groaned.

“Do you like that?”  Her cheeks flushed as he gazed into her eyes. She nodded. She loved playing the naughty nurse, punished by her boss for bad behavior, and she really threw herself into the role whenever they indulged in this scenario. She never tired of assuming the persona of a badly behaved student nurse, and lived for the occasions when they acted out their fantasies in the medical center. At home they played regularly, but it was always more exciting and thrilling to be punished in her workplace.

Barbara thought of the times when she was in her office alone, and she would occasionally close the door and bend over her examination table. Her panties would get damp as she touched herself and imagined the things the doctor would do to her if he caught her.

“Such a bad girl,” Ben scolded, interrupting her train of thought. Holding her nipples between finger and thumb, he put increasing pressure on them until she tipped her head back and whined.  “Oh, doctor, no, please don’t.”  His mouth closed over one of her nipples and he sucked hard.

Don’t forget to go to the WIP It Up Wednesday blog and read what other authors are working on at the minute.

Carole x




Laptop computer engineerHurray, I have my new PC and I’m up and running. I’ve had a busy week so haven’t had much time to write anyway, but while I’ve been playing around with two story outlines – a short purely erotica story for Stormy Night Publications, and a longer Domestic Discipline story for Blushing Books – my hubby has been beavering away, setting up my new PC and connecting everything to it, putting Word and Excel, etc, on.

We’ve hit problems where my comfortable old keyboard had the wrong connection so we bought a new one, and it had to be changed when the ‘i’ key didn’t work, and then this one was sticking (mainly the top row letters), but it seems to have finally bedded in. Also my wired in mouse didn’t fit, but the cordless one I’d abandoned as ‘knackered’ is reconnected and now working properly.

This PC is so quiet, unlike my old one which sounded like a helicopter about to take off at times, and I now have fully working disc drives and my speakers work again!

I’ve also made a vow to myself that every time I write, or update spreadsheets, I will back it up to the PC and onto my memory stick. Two Christmases ago my Sir bought me a beautiful heart-shaped necklace. The red heart contains a smaller sparkly red heart that slips out (it’s a memory stick). He got me that after I had PC problems and almost lost a load of my writing. He was unamused recently when I admitted the PC had crashed and I’d lost everything, and no, I had to admit to him that I hadn’t backed anything up to the memory stick. He was no more pleased with me when I told him some stuff was backed up to a cloud, but I couldn’t remember where the cloud was or how to access it! Fortunately my niece’s boyfriend came to the rescue and restored all of my writing (and saved it to the memory stick), but days later my PC was condemned and gave up the ghost.

As I have a free day today, I’ve promised myself I would do a bit of tidying around, before sitting down at my PC for four hours to write. No matter how good I am from now until I see my Sir next month, I’m due a spanking, and I guess I can’t complain (though I will, loudly!) I’m also due a spanking for neglecting my blog, and needing the help of Darcie Rian to upload all my books correctly and replace outdated links. I guess I’d better sit down and get on with some writing, while I still have the ability to sit comfortably!!! Spanking

Carole x


A million thanks to Darcie Rian and her husband for sorting out my outdated blog. They tidied up the incorrect links, added all my books and gave me a bit of guidance on other things I had difficulty with – and included a scolding for ‘poor housekeeping’. Thanks, Darcie, my grumpy old Sir is a big enough bully without you joining in and giving him more reason to spank me!!! Seriously, I appreciate the hard work – and I’ve now even updated the Work In Progress bar. I couldn’t remember how to do it because it was so long since I’d used that, but I guess you were right with your assumption that I can be a little bit lazy and that’s why it had showed the same story for a while!

I promise to maintain my blog in future, and to ask for help if I’m stuck rather than thinking ‘that’s too hard, I won’t bother with that’! I love writing but I hate computers, and likewise I’m certain computers hate me. I haven’t daren’t to try my new one yet, and am still battling away on hubby’s laptop.

Now my blog is sorted, and my sequel to Melissa’s Punishment Examination is with the publisher, awaiting editing (and I’m thrilled to say the contract was signed earlier this week), I’ve scribbled down a few ideas for my next story. I love to write longer stories, including romance in them, but I’ve decided to write a shorter (20-30k words) erotica story, with no romance whatsoever. I do love a bit of smut and steamy sex, with no niceties whatsoever, and I’m really going to look forward to writing this. Although I have a busy weekend yet again, I plan to fit in some writing each day.

Now back to Darcie Rian. I befriended her a little while ago, looking through her debut novel after she contacted me and helping her by sharing my knowledge of the route to publication. I am so glad I responded to that request for help because I now have a good friend who I email with regularly, and we help each other with various things. The work she and her husband carried out on my blog is invaluable, and I’m not sure how I can ever repay her for that (even though my Sir is going to spank me for letting my blog get into such a state – but in my defence, I didn’t see him offering to help!)

The least I can do to show my thanks to Darcie is plug her debut novel for her, which I have read. It is fantastic and I’m looking forward to reading book two when it’s completed. Well done, Darcie, thank you for your help, and hurry up with book two!


A Legal Education: Hyperion Legacy, Book One by Darcie Rian

Poppy Hamilton is happily living an ordinary life in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Once a legal secretary, she gets a surprising and welcome promotion to corporate marketing when the firm she works at is sold, rebranded and expanded. She thrives in her new role at J B Carville Solicitors. In her off time, she gets her thrills from reading racy novels about dominance and submission. One day her good friend, Craig, happens upon her reading one of her favorites. She is embarrassed and makes it clear to him that she’s quite content to continue reading about the ‘lifestyle’… but actually living it has never crossed her mind. Her ordinary, no surprises lifestyle suits her to a ‘T’.

But Craig takes things into his own hands. He introduces her to Jasper; a handsome, charismatic, and dominant man who mesmerizes Poppy at once. Her reaction to him makes her shiver with pent-up passion and her contentment with mere reading suddenly flies out the window.

Under Jasper’s strong guiding hand, she learns to thrive in this new lifestyle she never knew she really wanted. She regularly finds herself over Jasper’s knee on the wrong end of a hand or a paddle when a bit too much fire and spirt land her in trouble.

But Jasper has a few skeletons in his closet that will rock Poppy’s world and bring all sorts of intrigue, excitement, and danger into her decidedly unexciting, un-intriguing life. Come along with Poppy as she learns how to live. Really live. With fire, passion, and love-at- last.

A Legal Education is available at Blushing Books, and I strongly recommend you give this new author a try.

Carole x

rip-computerIn recent weeks I have had ongoing problems with my PC. After a recent crash, my niece’s partner fortunately retrieved all of my writing (which I had foolishly not backed up). Immediately it started to crash again and sadly it now just whirs unhappily as the screen flashes on and off and I get various error messages. I have decided to put it out of its misery and send it to the great PC graveyard in the sky. My new PC is ordered, but will not be here until Monday afternoon, and then I need to hope hubby will treat setting it up with the utmost urgency. I might start to withhold meals from him if he doesn’t!

As I’ve been limited to using my phone to check emails, etc, this week, I’ve not been able to take part in Saturday Spankings as I had intended. I was also unable to check posts on WIP It Up Wednesday until this morning. I’m using hubby’s laptop at the moment, but I’m not happy with the keyboard. It’s too flat and not really suited to a touch typist.

I’ve been scribbling out a couple of story outlines in a notebook this week, and hope to start writing one or the other of them soon.

Melissa and the Medic has had a few hiccups but I am thrilled to report that it has now been accepted by a publisher.  I put my heart and soul into the romance (as well as the sex and spankings) between Melissa and Jason, and I look forward to working on it with my editor very soon.

I hope to be set up on my new PC by Tuesday, and contributing to Saturday Spankings next week. Maybe I might even have another go at WIP It Up Wednesdays too.

Have a good weekend.

Carole x


After I enjoyed very much writing my first medical play story, Melissa’s Punishment Examination, I have been toying with the idea of writing a sequel for some time.

Melissa’s Punishment Examination followed the story of the young receptionist who was punished by her two bosses, Dr. Ben Williams and his practice nurse wife, Barbara, due to her being frequently late for work and calling in sick – she was not actually ill, but partying with friends, sunbathing or sleeping off a hangover. After a humiliating punishment, including spankings, rectal temp taking, anal play and enemas, Melissa was horrified when the trainee physician assistant, who was due to join the practice the following week for four weeks’ work experience, was taken in to assist with her continued punishment. There was a definite attraction between them, and when I wrote the character of Jason into my story, I intended to develop the relationship between them in a second book.

Almost three weeks ago I completed Melissa and the Medic, which is now with my publisher. Although it may end up being edited beyond recognition, I would still like to share a section from early in the book. Melissa has reluctantly returned to work, and she’s thrilled but embarrassed to see Jason again. At lunch time, they’re sitting chatting in the kitchen as she shares her sandwiches with him. Despite them both trying to be professional, they’re soon all over each other, desperate to get intimate once more:-

“Oh, Melissa, what are you doing to me?” Clutching handfuls of her hair, Jason held her head firmly. “Even just the thought of your well-spanked ass, with that enema hose sticking out, makes me hard.” Melissa opened her eyes and looked at him. His breathing was ragged as he gazed at her with longing. Her cheeks flushed at the thought of the enema hose, but her nipples tightened into hard peaks. She couldn’t deny her obvious arousal.

Glancing down, she smiled. Jason’s cock strained against the front of his trousers, forming a noticeable bulge. Melissa longed to reach out and touch it.

Releasing her, Jason moved quickly around the table, grasping her and pulling her to her feet. Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her hard. She responded to his kiss, folding her arms around him and dragging him closer, pressing herself wantonly against his rock-hard manhood. Suddenly pulling away from his kiss, Melissa said breathlessly, “Jason, I want you. Please, take me now.”

“I want you, too.” Pressing his lips against hers, his tongue probed her mouth. “Oh, God, no.” Pushing her away, he backed off. “No. I want to do it right this time. I want to treat you like a lady, not a cheap tart.”

Melissa scowled at him. “But I want this too. You wouldn’t be taking advantage.” She suddenly did not care about her vow to build a relationship with him before jumping into bed. Her need to have him inside her was too strong.

“Oh, but I would,” he said, sighing deeply. Shaking his head, he stepped further away, increasing the distance between them. Standing with his back to Melissa, he leaned forward and rested his elbows on the sideboard. “Let’s get to know each other first, before I redden your ass and plunge my hard cock into it.”

Melissa trembled with desire and moved slowly towards him. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she reached down and purred when she discovered his cock was ramrod hard. As she rubbed her hand against the rough fabric of his trousers, Jason sighed deeply. “Oh, please, at least let me try to be a gentleman.” He half-heartedly pushed her hands away as he turned to face her.

Tipping her head to one side, she pouted and gazed up at him, her hand moving back to his crotch. “Oh, you are naughty,” he scolded, leaning towards her. Melissa yelped as his hand reached around her hip and swatted her butt unexpectedly. “Ouch, you big meanie.” Frowning, she reached back to rub away the sting.

“I can be meaner than that,” he said, his eyebrows rising. “If you don’t behave yourself, young lady, I’ll be taking you across my knee instead of out for dinner.”

Melissa grinned wickedly. “Ooh, yes please, sir. I’d like that very much.”

“Yes, I’m sure you would.” Laughing lightly, Jason shook his head. “Maybe a spanking isn’t much of a deterrent.” There was an amused tone to his voice. “A better threat would be to say that if you don’t behave, I won’t see you after work at all.”

Melissa’s grin rapidly faded and she lowered her head, her bottom lip jutting out petulantly. Jason leaned towards her and nipped her pouting lip gently between his teeth. “Put that away or I’ll bite it off.” His eyes sparkled with humour as he mildly scolded her.

Melissa gazed into his face. “I will have you.” She leaned forward and kissed his lips softly.

I very much enjoyed writing this sequel and will keep my fingers crossed that it’ll be edited and on sale soon. I hope you enjoyed reading my short extract. Don’t forget to head over to WIP It Up to see what else is on offer this week.

Carole x

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