I haven’t taken part in Saturday Spankings for several weeks now, as I was sick of taking extracts from the same books over and over again. I was desperate to get something new published, and vowed not to do Saturday Spankings again until that happened.

Although I have three complete stories with my publisher, I have been doing a massive rewrite of one of them which has taken quite some time (I originally submitted the story to him in May), one I only sent him a week ago, and the other one we’re almost finished editing and it should hopefully be published this month. I’ve decided to take this week’s Saturday Spankings from this story, which is something a little different to what I’ve done before. This is approximately 20,000 words and is a medical play story. I really enjoyed writing it and hope that those who buy it when it’s released will enjoy reading it too.

I have tentatively called my story Melissa’s Medical, but I’m hopeful we will come up with a better title than that before its publication.

Melissa is in trouble with her employers for phoning in sick frequently to spend time with her friends. She has decided to accept punishment rather than lose her job.

I hope you enjoy this extract taken from it:-

Melissa shrieked in frustration as Jason tipped her across his lap, lifted her skirt and began spanking her panty-covered bottom in earnest. He might have only been using his hand, but his smacks were sharp and her behind was still stinging. As his hand landed harder and more frequently on her squirming ass, Melissa kicked her legs frantically, crying out as she begged him to stop. Suddenly a loud tearing sound made Melissa freeze in shock. Dr Williams, Barbara and Jason all started to laugh, and Melissa glanced anxiously over her shoulder. Jason grinned and rubbed his hand on her bare bottom, and she realised with horror that her frantic kicking and squirming had caused the paper panties to tear. 

Melissa gasped loudly as Jason grasped what remained of the seat of her panties and tore it away, leaving her butt cheeks totally exposed. He continued her spanking on her bare bottom and she howled in pain and kicked her legs, thoroughly humiliated. When he finally stopped, her behind was burning and Melissa was close to tears. 

I hope you have enjoyed this snippet and might even consider buying it when it is released very soon.

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Carole x

After sending The Delinquent Bride to my publisher in May, doing a little bit of editing on it about 8 weeks later, then shelving it while I worked on something else, I have finally gone through it again and pretty much rewritten it from the halfway point, changing the main character Shelley’s love interest. There were also some changes earlier in the book, but as it’s based around the Titanic, at least the parts on the ship and concerning the sinking were pretty much unchanged, with just slight changes involving one of the characters. Shelley’s love interest was already a character in my original version, he was just a more minor player in the story. I do prefer my new version and I had fun writing it, though it was awful to delete whole chapters. I’m grateful for my editor’s help and hope he likes the new version. Fingers crossed there will be relatively few changes and it will be ready for publication soon. It seems ages since I had anything published (actually April) though I have 2 stories with him now (the other one a 20,000 word medical play story).

Carole x

This week’s Saturday Spankings has been taken from Financial Discipline, which has recently been made available in paperback, the first of my books to be available like this. I immediately ordered 1 off Amazon and I must admit it feels amazing to be able to hold a real book that I have written. OK, I really bought 10 copies of it from Amazon, but I had promised several friends that I would give them a copy if ever I had one done in paperback!

Financial Discipline by Carole Archer

George helped Lindsay to her feet and left the room. He returned with a leather strap and her eyes widened. Sitting down, he tugged her across his lap and a second later the strap cracked down across her thighs. Lindsay howled but was shocked when her pussy tingled with pleasure. He brought the strap down again and she squirmed uncomfortably, hoping she could hide her mounting pleasure from him.

As George strapped her bottom and thighs hard, Lindsay moaned in pleasure and pain. When he stood her up, she glanced at his trousers and saw a wet patch where she’d been rubbing her pussy against him. She blushed as she bent across the back of the chair.

I hope you enjoyed this. If you would like to read more, Financial Discipline is available for purchase from:-



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Carole x

Last week my Saturday Spankings offering featured a short extract from The Charles Smith Academy where Hazel was spanked by Charles, which included an embarrassing figging. Jenny watched with delight from the doorway. As a few people expressed a desire for Jenny to be caught, I thought it was only fair to show what happened when Charles called Jenny into the room as she tried to sneak quietly away.

The Charles Smith Academy by Carole Archer

She felt very vulnerable as she waited, buttocks spread, but she couldn’t help kicking her legs and squirming as the hard ginger was again pressed against her tight opening. She squealed as Charles encouraged Hazel to hold her buttocks crudely wide apart as he smacked her bottomhole several times. The sting was intense and Jenny howled in agony. She whimpered as Charles pushed a finger into her stinging bottomhole and she blushed as he thrust his finger in and out several times before removing it. She immediately felt something hard being roughly forced in. She screwed her eyes tightly shut and balled her fists as Charles started to push the ginger into her bottom…she relaxed momentarily, before the ginger was forced the rest of the way in.

Jenny squirmed as the ginger plugged her uncomfortably and after a few seconds she felt a sting building up inside. Quickly the sting turned into a burn and she struggled more frantically.

I hope you enjoyed seeing Jenny getting her comeuppance after shamelessly delightly in watching Hazel’s punishment last week. If you want to read more, The Charles Smith Academy is available to purchase from:-



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Carole x


The last two weeks my Saturday Spankings offerings have been taken from The Charles Smith Method. As both The Charles Smith Method and The Charles Smith Academy are sale items at Blushing Books right now ($1.99 each), I thought I would take this week’s extract from the second book, The Charles Smith Academy.

Hazel has been naughty enough to earn extra punishment from Charles and he introduces her to figging. Her lover Jenny becomes excited as she watches, being careful not to let Charles see her as she has no intention of finding herself in the same predicament.

The Charles Smith Academy by Carole Archer

Hazel wailed. “Sir, I’m sorry. Please take it out. It hurts. I promise I’ll be good.” Hazel’s pleas were answered with a hard spanking which Jenny watched from the doorway. Hazel squirmed and squealed her way through it as her bottom reddened. Jenny was mesmerised by the ginger poking out of Hazel’s bottom and she desperately longed to thrust it in and out of her. She was also turned on by the deep red blush covering her lover’s bottom and she was desperate to kiss and caress the inflamed flesh.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet. If you would like to read more, The Charles Smith Academy is available for purchase at:-



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Carole x


In May I finished my story The Delinquent Bride. A month ago I was devastated to make the joint decision with my publisher to put it aside and forget about it for a while as there was too much work to do on it.

Last week I sent a short medical play story, titled Melissa’s Medical for now but I hope to come up with something better than that, to James. I loved the story idea he gave me and I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. I don’t think I have ever written anything quite so ‘dirty’ and it was very enjoyable to not have to concentrate on developing a storyline and to just come up with various humiliating punishments for the naughty receptionist Melissa, who had been taking sick days to spend time with her friends and had ultimately been caught out.

I think I needed a break from the headaches that The Delinquent Bride was causing me and this enabled me to relax and enjoy my writing once more.

Yesterday I went through my story outline for The Delinquent Bride and made some revisions to it. With James and Korey’s help, I now have a new story outline which will include some pretty major revisions to my book, but I think the changes will make it so much better. I am once more looking forward to working on it and I really appreciate their input. I am pleased that the majority of my characters will remain, and a lot of my writing can also remain. I am looking forward to working on Shelley’s new love interest, who she meets much earlier in the book now, and he is actually a combination of two characters who were in my original story. I am very happy with the direction my story is now taking.

I’m so glad I didn’t just scrap all my hard work and throw this story idea away, in the belief there was too much to do to put it right. It is going to take a lot of hard work to put it right, but I’m looking forward to the challenge. I am so glad that James and Korey of Stormy Night Publications have given me so much help with this storyline. When I had my first story published with Blushing Books just over a year ago, James was my editor. When he and Korey set up Stormy Night, I had no hesitation to go with them as I felt I was learning so much from them and I felt comfortable working with them.

My advice to any new author is that if you find a good editor/publisher who is willing to work with you on something to put it right, don’t get upset over the (constructive) criticism and feel a failure (as I have done in the past) – learn from it and take all their good advice and use it to improve yourself.

Carole x



This week’s Saturday Spankings is again taken from my first book, The Charles Smith Method. In this snippet, Hazel is about to receive her first spanking from Charles. She has evaded his punishments for 12 years, but as Jenny is being spanked regularly in Charles’ efforts to rehabilitate her, he decides the time has come to stop giving in to Hazel’s pleas for leniency and give her the spanking she so richly deserves.

The Charles Smith Method by Carole Archer


Taking a deep breath, Charles pulled Hazel to her feet. “It’s my own fault you’re so naughty. I’ve let you get away with bad behaviour for too long. You deserve a spanking and today you’re going to get one. Nothing is going to stop this from happening. Delaying the inevitable is only making it worse. Now take your jeans down and get across my knee.”

Hazel shook her head.

I hope you enjoyed this short extract from The Charles Smith Method. If you would like to read more, it is available for purchase from:-



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Carole x



This week’s Saturday Spankings is taken from my very first book, The Charles Smith Method, published just over a year ago. Jenny has fallen on hard times and reverts to crime once more to survive. When she picks the pocket of ex-Judge Charles Smith, she finds herself being taken home by him and she is surprised to find that he really wants to help her. His housekeeper Hazel is even more surprised when the normally mild mannered Charles decides to teach Jenny that there is a painful price to pay for the second chance he is offering to her.

The Charles Smith Method by Carole Archer

As Hazel was about to leave the room she heard Jenny gasp loudly and cry out “please, not again”. Hazel looked over her shoulder to see what had caused such a reaction from Jenny. Hazel herself gasped when she saw Jenny balanced over Charles’s lap, one arm holding her down as his other hand lifted her skirt up. Jenny’s legs kicked as she pleaded with him to stop. Charles simply took hold of her white cotton panties and tugged them down as she whimpered and squirmed.

Hazel continued to stare open mouthed and watched with horror as Charles raised his hand and cracked it down sharply on Jenny’s bare bottom. Hazel’s cheeks flushed as Charles stared back at her. She looked down at the floor, turned and fled the room quickly, hurrying to the kitchen as sharp smacks rained down on Jenny’s unprotected bottom.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet. If you would like to read more, The Charles Smith Method is available for purchase at:-



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Carole x

This week’s offering for Saturday Spankings is another extract from The Highlander’s Maiden. Colleen has had to flee from Ireland with her guardian Harvey, but she becomes lost in the Highlands of Scotland. She bumps into clan leader Duncan, who takes her back to his village and allows her to stay with his elderly aunt until he can find her guardian. Colleen does not heed Duncan’s warnings to behave and she finds herself across his lap.

The Highlander's Maiden by Carole Archer

Colleen wailed as Duncan spun her around to face him, shook his head angrily and flipped her across his left thigh. Colleen realised too late what was happening and she squealed indignantly as she tried to push herself back to her feet.

“Let me go now, you bastard,” she yelled. Duncan smiled. “Bad language too,” he said calmly. “I think we’ll nip that in the bud immediately,” he announced, flipping up her skirt and cracking his hand on her bottom. Colleen’s eyes widened as she howled in pain and kicked her legs, screaming obscenities at him.

Duncan sighed and in one swift move Colleen’s drawers were tugged down to her knees.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet. If you’d like to read more, The Highlander’s Maiden is available to purchase from:-



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Carole x


After a few problems with the editing of The Delinquent Bride, I have decided to put it to one side and work on something new. I’m going to have a go at a shorter story in a medical setting and am really looking forward to making a start on it over the weekend. I do enjoy writing ‘bottom play’ elements into a story and it will be fun to write a story like that. I have made lots of notes and things that I would like to include and can’t wait to start writing it tonight.

I will go back to The Delinquent Bride, maybe after I’ve completed my medical play story, or maybe after I’ve also finished the age play story that I have part written. Just for the moment it was stressing me out too much as I was going round in circles trying to rewrite the beginning. I’m sure it will look much less daunting a task when I’ve taken some time to write something a bit more fun.

I knew when I was writing The Delinquent Bride that Shelley was the main character and as such she should be in the opening scene (even chapter), but I got carried away with a scene between her parents and the more I wrote, the more it deviated from my plot line. I liked what I had written, but it just did not fit in with this particular story. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve wrote and scrapped bits too many times and I’ve decided to take a break from it. I am keen to get it put right eventually, but thought working on something else might allow me to return to it fresh.

I’ve been house sitting and pet minding for the last 2 weeks for 2 of my sisters (and have another week to go – for my 3rd sister), and am also working 15-16 hours over the weekend, but I will still be able to get a few hours writing in each day. Maybe now I’ve also started a course of B12 injections I might not feel so tired all the time.

Carole x


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