Chloe’s Christmas Lesson

large_2624_Chloes_Christmas_Lesson__largeNineteen year old Chloe has only been married for three weeks, but already she is driving her husband Matthew to distraction with her childish and petulant behavior. On Christmas Eve, he decides that she needs a sound spanking and he vows to give her one when he returns home from a business meeting. However, before he gets home, Chloe is disciplined by none other than Father Christmas, who is also displeased with her behavior.

Matthew thinks she has been dreaming, but Chloe knows that it really was Santa Claus, and as a result she promises that her behavior is going to improve dramatically.

Publisher’s Note: Chloe’s Christmas Lesson is a sexually explicit novella which combines age-play elements with a holiday theme. Please do not buy this book if this will offend you.


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