Melissa & the MedicMelissa Martin is reluctant to return to her job as receptionist at the private Manhattan clinic run by Dr. Ben Williams and his wife, Barbara, the practice nurse.

After they caught her bunking off work to spend time with her friends, they gave her a series of punishments so humiliating, she doesn’t know whether she can face them ever again. Her embarrassment was intensified because handsome trainee physician assistant, Jason Jennings, had promptly been invited to join in and assist the doctor and his wife in disciplining Melissa.

Despite her shame and mortification, she found herself irresistibly attracted to the young man due to join the team for a four week placement – and as much as she hated the spankings, enemas and other discipline meted out to her, she was helplessly excited by it as well.

Facing her fears, Melissa returns to work, and is thrilled when Jason asks her out for dinner. The two enjoy a steamy whirlwind romance, after which she starts to question whether their relationship is the real thing, or whether he has simply been using her for sex whilst working with her. She can’t deny that the sex, spanking, anal play and enemas have been hot, but Melissa wants more. She can’t bear the thought of Jason walking away at the end of his placement – but does she have enough to offer to make him stay?

Publisher’s Note: Melissa and the Medic contains spanking, enemas, anal punishments, and other medical play scenes. If such material offends you, please do not buy this book.

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